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AD Transition Then Carb Cycling?


I would appreciate any and all comments on the following "diet" plan.

I've been following the Anabolic Diet threads with great interest. Although I might decide to do the AD if I like the results of the 12 day transition period(i.e. if I can function normally eating under 30g CHO) then I may do it. However, right now I am planning on using a carb cycling diet. Here is my plan:

  1. Progressively decrease CHO consumption each week until I hit the 12 day AD transition.

  2. Do the 12 day transition period

  3. Transition into a "carb cycling" diet, which will consist of no carb days, low carb days (under 100g), and high carb days (probably 4-500g).

I have a few questions.

  1. Is this 12 day transitional period necessary? I feel I need to do this 12 day transition period to get my body to switch to fat burning (I've been on a relatively high CHO diet lately).

  2. Will the body effectively stay in fat burning mode on a carb cycling diet? The bulk of my days would be low carb and no carb, with a high carb day once a week.

Thanks for your comments.


Yes I'd say the 12 day transition is necessary regardless of which you choose.

I'm not sure it'll stay in fat burning mode with more frequent carb cycling, though an extra carb up has been suggested to the more experienced anabolic dieters in the middle of the week as far as I remember.

But IMO, if you're already going the 12 day transition route, why not try the AD properly for a while and monitor your results anyway as it's similair to what you've already suggested with you carb cycling.


First off, what are your goals and why are you looking to pursue this sort of dietary regimen?

Metabolically, the low (mid) carb day is unecessary and probably even counterproductive if you follow the AD. If you're considering the mid-carb day just to help with compliance, don't bother. Most of us ADers have little carb craving issues and actually prefer the p/f days to the carb up days.


Thanks for your comments.

My main goal is to lose bodyfat (specifically 4 inches off my waist, to get from 40" waist to 36" waist) while keeping my performance up in the gym.

I've been holding steady at this body comp over the summer after losing 35 pounds from Jan. to May using a relatively severe hypocaloric diet. I don't want to do that again. Also, I've found that my body comp responds well to eating mainly protein and fat.

My main concern is the mental fogginess and sleepiness I tend to experience when eating low carb. Before, when I didn't know any better, I restricted the calories too much when beginning a low carb regimen, so I never really got too far into it. Now I know to eat higher calorie P+F meals, especially at the beginning to help the body adjust. But I still experience the fogginess/sleepiness.

I guess I was looking at the 12 day transition period as a way to kickstart fat-burning and to overcome the fogginess/sleepiness issue. I was then hoping to do carb cycling indefinitely until my body composition goals were complete. After that, my "lifestyle eating" will probably be P+C in the morning and early afternoon and P+F in the evening and night. So I don't see the AD in my future.

Bottomline: Based on what I've read, the fogginess/sleepiness issues will disappear when the body has converted to fat burning. Will this continue on a carb cycling diet?

Thanks for reading all this. I should mention I'm a law student and am very leery of reducing my ability to think and concentrate during waking hours. That is the main impetus for my question.


Let me just say that I am also a law student, and am stretched extremely thin with schoolwork, interviews, moot court, more interviews etc...

I've been on the AD for about 4 months now and there is no comparison in terms of how much clearer I am mentally, and how much more endurance I have, (which can go a long way when you're working on a brief for 12 hours straight.)

I should also say that I've had virtually no trouble with compliance, and although at first I really looked forward to the carb-up days, I agree with the above poster who indicated that most ADers prefer the P+F days...

I wholeheartedly recommend the diet...best of luck


Ramo, great post, I appreciate it. How long do you plan to stay on the AD?


Sorry for not getting back sooner...

I plan to stay on indefintely...this way of eating is actually a lot easier for me than having to calculate macronutrient ratios, and battling uneven energy levels and waning motivation to follow a nutritional approach...it's a fun way to eat.


You'll short change the results and miss the whole experience of the AD if you don't commit to at least a good 6 week run. My advice...jump in or jump out, but don't stand there and dip your toe in. Only girls do that. :wink:.

The AD will rock your world IF you commit to it. If you don't follow it beyond the transition period you've never "followed" the AD in the first place. Kinda like "testing" a training program for 2 weeks. You're just starting, man. Think about it.



The crash that you experience on the break in signals a metabolic shift to preferential fat burning. So, you don't really know what it's like to low carb it until you're fat adapted. Like DH said, give it a whirl.