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AD & Heavy, Glycogen Depleating Workouts

Hello fellow AD’rs. I’ve been AD’ng for about a 5 weeks now, & love it so far. I’m trying to be healthy about this. Lots of flax, free range chicken & eggs, grass fed beef, almonds, & fiber. This is a really fun diet.

I train with a dual factor approach, with a West-side body part split(I am not on a West-side routine). I’ll only train heavy for two workouts out of a two week block. They fall on Wed & Fri.

Problem: Wed is so-so, but I am noticably weaker on Friday. This is the day I’m trying to set PR’s, hit some rest-pause sets, etc, & I’m not even able to match my previous best.

Do I need to schedule these heavy, glycogen depleating (& relient) workouts on Mondays instead? When I’m fully glycogen loaded. I think I know the answer, but it could never hurt to ask you experienced AD’rs.

Thanks in advance.

BTW, I was referred to this board by a forum brother over at Iron Addicts.com. He suggested I read the “My Experience with the AD” thread, which I am working on.

Mondays and Tuesdays (and perhaps a bit on Wednesdays) workouts will be the ones to schedule PR’s for either in max rep attempts or high intensity PR’s.

Glycogen-loaded and fully hydrated muscles are ready to be punished early in the week.

You DID know the answer already!

I highly recommend checking this thread out:


Thibs gets in and basically breaks down all the science behind low carb diets for gaining mass. Very informative, and only 5 pages long, as opposed to the 300-something behemoth that is the other thread.