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AD for Me

Well I decide to give the AD a try. I went to the doctor for a bum hamstring on 7/7 and found my body weight was way up! The sad thing is I was kinda watching what I ate! So I’m sure I was heavier prior to that. I was a whopping 348 lbs and I’m '5"11. I was pissed and embarrassed to say the least.

I decide to give myself a change, but I wanted a gradual change. So I started the next day out eating carbs, but stopped at 2pm I wanted to do this for a week and then move to 12/noon, then 10am and then no carbs all togeter. Well the first day was cake, so was the second, then the third I decided to just quite carbs all together. I would still use the weekend for fuel which I know wasn’t that smart. I did the next week with low calorie to piss the system off, but I did no breads, rice or pasta. I ate a lot of jerk (turkey & beef), cashews, salads, ect.

Last week I really went over the edge, had nothing but protein/fats and nuts, no veggies or salads. This was what I thought the diet was about since I got some bad advice and didn’t do any searching. So I figured last week sucked and I had some decent energy, some sluggishness towards the end of the week, two great days of lift (Mon & Wed). So Thurs day I went meat shopping, today I trained again and have done so much reading it’s not even funny. I’ll be going to the store again today for more veggies, fish, cheese and heavy cream. I also picked up some Evening Primrose, Fish Oil as well as I’ve been using Joint Support with EFA’s.

So far today have had a decent headache nothing major and I’ve had flu like symtoms for the past few days (running nose). I figured last week was a junk run, but it did some good and makes me feel great about adding veggies back in, so I’m going to continue through this weekend and next week as my 12 days. I may carb up next week for the full time (24-48) or just after training on Saturday morning or if things go great Sunday or if things go awesome I’ll just do another week to make sure I get the full effect of the true diet and not the crap I was following for the past few weeks.

This is not my first run at low/no carbs. Back in 1999 I used Dan D’s Body Opus and had awesome results. I went from 320 to 235 in a matter of months 3-5 if my memory serves me right. So I’m excited, right now short term I’d like to see 300 and then see what happes. In the long run I’d like to see 250 if I can.

After working out today, I jumped on the scale and am down 10 lbs since 7/9/08. Now with the new approach or should I say the correct approach I’m excited to see what happens over the next few weeks.

Just wanted to post and I’ll be following along.

Just a sampl of today:

3 egg Omlete w/cheese, 1 1/2 to 2 tbls of Olive oil
2 slices of ham
instant coffee for the gym

Gym, had a great workout

1 scoop NO whey, 1 scoop Pro Complex w/two scoops milled flax, 1 tbls of Olive oil.

1 cup of pulled pork
3-5 small sticks of celery
creme cheese w/almonds mixed in (not so good)

Small cube steak
Rotisery chicken breast w/skin
5-7 small celery sticks
3 cheese sticks

1 scoop NO Whey, 1 scoop Pro Complex, 4 tbls of heavy cream, fish oil and evening primrose

2 hamburger patties w/cheese
2 cups spinach w/4-6 oz of brocolli and pitted olives soked w/olive oil, vin. then vin/oil/lemon juice for dressing

4 string cheese
1 scoop NO whey w/2 tbls of heavy cream (by the way I love heavy cream!)

One thing that has been bugging me is how close to bed time can you eat (meat & veggies) or even take a shake?

I’m hungry pretty much all the time and I try to eat as much as possilbe, but it’s tough when at work and also at home some time. I’ve never been the calorie counter so I suck at knowing how much I’m consuming, I’m sure I’m really low on calories and will try to add in a few more meals if time permits. My job is walk in and phone related in the investment business, so some time just getting food in really sucks. I’m really hoping for the best, I’m a cancer survivor (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) from 2002 and I’d hate to beat that and die of heart problems.

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.

When you say “string cheese” I hope you don’t mean the processed cheese sticks that encourages children to play with their food? Plus it’s very processed and I’m not sure how much real cheese is in there anyways.

There must be a better alternative?

Also ditch the coffee asap, ESPECIALLY pre-workout.

btw, did you have a cholesterol and blood pressure test recently?


Thanks for tips with the cheese, you are correct it’s that type of string cheese. I’ll look into getting some blocks later on today.

I’m okay with the coffee, too! I don’t drink it all the time and mostly use it as a stimulant for the gym. I’m very sensative to caffine. I can’t drink a Mountain Dew without going nuts.

I drink tea quite a bit, but I water it down because I can’t take all the caffine.

As for blood work, yes I did have a full run down. I have to do it every three months. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2002, had 6 month of Chemo so they like to keep an eye on me.

My blood work was fine, my BP was 132 over 72.

I’ve been heavy my whole life (even from birth), I just haven’t ever been this heavy.

I was so focused on getting my lifts up and eating I just didn’t pay attention. So now I’m trying to get the fat off. My body type is I hold it in my gut/belly. I have some else where, but nothing to the extent of my handles and belly.

Also is there a limit to the heavy cream?

I used 3-4 tbls of it in my shake and then I used some this morning in my eggs. WOW! I love that stuff.

As a side note, lossing the 10 lbs felt great, because 7/7 I popped some old scar tissue in my hamstring, so I didn’t train the rest of that week. Then the following week I trained very light squats for movement and then hurt my shoulder so I didn’t train.

So I trained three total times from the 7th to the 16th and then didn’t train again until the 26th. So almost three weeks of no training and a crap modified low carb diet and still lost 10 lbs. I’m back on track with all my gym days and will be adding in some walks, then once the hammie is full swing I’ll do HIIT.

So far today:

3 eggs omelet w/3 slices of provalone, spinach, 3 olives (soked in vinegar & olive oil) and 6 slices of salami. Cooked with 2 tbls of olive oil.

2 Weiners (don’t be dicks) over a two hour period, plain with no bun or condiments.

4 oz of cube steak fried in olive oil, w/sprices
5 small pieces of celery
5 small green beans
2 sticks of cheese

2 sticks of cheese
1/4 cup of peacans

1/2 of a large chicken breast that was wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheddar cheese.
1 cup of spinach with a few pieces of brocolli, vinegar/olive oil/lemon juice dressing

1 cup of spinach with a few pieces of brocolli, vinegar/olive oil/lemon juice dressing

1 scoop NO whey
1 scoop NO Pro Complex
1 scoop flax
3 tbls of heavy cream

Hey, so I usually mix 2% milk and protein isolate or complex and go to bed soon after; mostly because its a high protein, medium carb and low fat meal. Carbs before bed aren’t bad, but you have to be actively training, otherwise your body will store it as fat… so you should mix it with skim milk or water.

As far as the heavy cream goes, it’s mostly saturated fat and it tastes good lol… I’m sure you can get a better profile oil, like Udo’s 3-6-9 oil, I use that alot when cooking.

Try eating quinoa. It’s a cheap grain that has an amazing nutrition profile. Quinoa and feta cheese is an awesome combo.

I would assume the Quinoa is used on the carb up days? I noticed the starch, I could be way off I’m not the smartest person when it comes to food (hence the wonder gut I have).

I like Udo’s and have used it in the past, it just cost a bit much for now. I had to go out Fri and Sat to get some food for the diet and week. I’m probably close to 250-300 just getting the stuff I need and to get the week started.

I purchased Fish Oil and Evening Primrose for my supplements. I will pick up some Udo’s though.

I went shopping a place called Sprout’s, they had bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with cheddar chesse. It was a monster. I ate half and half my spinach salad just now. It’s strange I filled up quick and my appetite is not as strong tonight.

I ended up going to the store again for some bacon, block cheese, whipped topping, sugar free jello. The topping and jello are for the wife she is having a tough time with carb depletion. For myself I got some cafine free diet pepsi (and it hit the spot).

Ended the night with shake, I noticed the NO Pro Complex has 4 grams of fiber. Which is cool, I’ve been taking some fiber pills in the morning to help out.

I’ll update the above post with the rest of todays food consumption.

Thanks again for the help.

Yeah I mentioned the quinoa since it was saturday and the AD Diet I think has high carbs on the weekend? Quinoa’s a better version of rice which has 80g of starch per 100g.

Unless you’re doing no carbs completely? In which case that’s the ketogenic diet, be prepared to not use your brain. I’ve tried it (and won’t again until I absolutely need to), hated it for the first week and a half.

BTW I used to work in a nutrition store *ahem, GNC… yeah I know… I hate it too.

Whenever something comes in pill form (oils/fiber/BCAAs), find out if you can get it in liquid/powder form. You’ll be saving a HELL of alot of money and getting more per serving.

Oh and you mean ON pro complex right??!

When I say not use your brain I mean feel like shit mentally.

Yeah, I know what you mean about mentally feeling shitty. I did all last week, cutting carbs was tough, now it’s not so bad. I skipped this weekend of carb up and will probably do next weekend depending on if I made the switch to burning fats.

My plan is to do my normal DE/RE training on Saturday morning and then carb up from there stopping Sunday evening. I hope that works, Saturday I should be fully depleated of everything and would see good benefits from the carbs/insulin spike.


3 egg omelete with cheddar cheese cooked w/2 tbls of olive oil
4 slices of bacon

2 cups pulled pork
2 cheese sticks (have to get rid of them)
5 small pieces of celery (about 2.5 - 3 inches long)
3 medium pieces of brocolli

5 bites of left over chicken wrapped in bacon w/cheddar cheese
1/4 cup of peacans

Gym (had good workout, pulled 405+quadruple purples for 3x3’s, plus other stuff.

1.5 cups of the same left over chicken wrapped in bacon w/cheese
2.5-3 cups of spinach, with 5-6 slices of cucumber, 6-8 oz of brocolli, homemade vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic dressing

1 scoop ON whey
1 scoop ON Pro Complex
3 tbls heavy cream
1 tbls flax

First, let me congradulate you on your strength and perseverance. You have been through a lot and it is inspiring to read about people who don’t give up and continue to seek improvement! In regards to the Anabolic Diet, I believe Dr. Di’ is a brilliant man and I have learned a lot from reading his works, the AD has worked well for a lot of people and I wouldn’t argue with success. With my background I have a slightly different approach to low carb dieting that I feel offers not only physique improvement, but better overall health and that is a major focus both in my life and my clients.

The AD promotes consumption of unlimited fatty, salty meats and dairy while restricting the consumption of cancer fighting fruits and vegtables. The aid load from this diet and inflamatory properties of all the O6 consumption makes it arguably less healthy in the long run and can potentially lead to osteoperosis (calcium pulled out of bones to alkalyze the bloodstream). I perfer to have clients go with a high protein 1.5-2grams, vegtables at every meal (good source of phytonutrients and alkylizing as well as slows digestion rate) low carbs (depending on a lot of factors between .5-1.25g/lb lean bw) fat intake of .5g/lb lean bw (coming from healthy fats and high dose of o3’s).

I encourage rotation of protein sources and I don’t count carbs from vegtables. With what you are overcoming the naturally occuring anti-oxidants in vegtables would likely compliment your recovery and you may consider adding coQ10 twice/day. For your lifting, I could make reccomendations if I knew where your sticking points were or what kind of program you are following if you would like. We have a guy at Westside who squats 905 at 198lbs and he is ripped so I am convinced you can keep your strength while dieting, it is probably more to do with training and form. I can tell you every day I am there I feel like I just started because I learn so much. Best of luckwith everything and let me know if there is anyting else I can offer to help.

CoQ10 has been studied extensively for its potential in addressing cardiovascular health concerns, but recent research has suggested its usefulness as an anti-cancer agent as well. In a striking set of studies, University of Miami Medical Center investigators identified a mechanism whereby CoQ10 induces the death of cancer cells while causing no significant collateral damage. Here�??s a news article about this work on CoQ10, which was presented at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research


For the hamstring and shoulder both (I have had similar injuries) I would seek out a qualified ART specialist. Here is a lin that should help with that:


laroyal, thank you so much for your time. I sure as hell wish I could train up there. I’m in hot Arizona and I train at a local commerical gym.

Right now I’m on a 3 day rotation, ME lower on Monday, ME upper on Wednesday and RE/DE upper on Saturday morning.

I use the rotation of GM’s, deads, squat. I popped an old injury in the hamstring, it was scar tissue letting loose, but it could have caused more damage. I should have posted I am seeing an ART guy now. It is wonderful and painful all at the same time. He is the reason I’m squatting and deadlifting so soon. When I hurt my hamstring I was doing 15" box squats and shooting for 6-8 reps with 675, I made it to 3 but it look liked I was squatting 315 it was so fast, this was belt only, no wraps, briefs or suit. Tonight I pulled 405+quadrupled purples bands for 3x3, did some leg press 800x10x3 super setted calf work on sled, ext, curls, good girl/bad girl machine. I was done within 65 minutes start to finish.

As for upper body ME days are mixed, I like floor press, flat bench, I do inclines in the power rack and start from the chest and press up which is a bitch, but it doesn’t hurt the shoulder for now I can only do 275x5x5. Flat bench I use a 1 board so my shoulder doesn’t hurt and I can do 365x5x5, I do upper end board work every 3-4 weeks on Saturday morning (that’s about the only time I can get a spot).

I train by myself, I don’t use gear (both terms), I rarely use a belt at all and straps on deads so I can over hand grip on both hands since my under hand grip is on my bad shoulder.

I’m definitely not up with the caliber of lifters you see or train with, but for a fat guy lifting by himself I try.

Based on the same numbers I am doing now raw (this was a few years back), I benched 675 for a tripe in my single ply Fury off a 2 board, I squated 925 in my single ply briefs and centurion (no knee wraps). My deadlift never really changes since I’m to fat to use a suit and get to the bar, I pull conventional so I normally just pull in a belt when I max. If I had to guess on a good day with an upward draft I could pull mid 6’s (which for my raw squat numbers sucks). I think it’s my upper back, traps that are holding me back, my upper lock out sucks, I look like I’m trying to hold a weight that is way to have and my shoulders sag. I used to do power shrugs which wouldn’t be a bad idea if I could remember to do them when I train.

Geez, that was a lot and I know it tells nothing of my style or form, but I focus alot on it mentally coaching myself through. Squats I always talk to myself about knees out, sit back, stay tight, get air. On bench I use pink on the ring all the time since I’m raw, elbows in, stay tight, feet kinda like Kennely out and wide, push back through the heals. Deads it’s stay tight, upper back focus and pushing the feet through the floor.

I really do appreciate the help. I’ll be getting some CoQ tomorrow. I was thinking of ZMA since you mentioned it as a must have, but I like my nightly shake with heavy cream and that will toss the effects right out the window. I also need to get some extra C, I cut out the Xpand creatine/glutmine supplement I was using. It tends to bloat me and add weight, although the best creatine supplement I ever used. I was also considering using some BCAA’s through the day.

I will consider what you wrote about the diet. The reason I chose the AD is, I did the Dan D’s Body Opus diet (not workout) in the past and dropped a good amount of weight (320 to 235) and it is simular to the AD.

Thanks again for the help I really do appreciate it.

hose are really some good numbers, especially raw and training by yourself! To help with lockout along with upper back work Zercher squats are great, your for sounds like you were well coached I will add on bench to really use your lats and push yourself away from the bar.

For the length of your training sessions I would take 3-4grams of Vit C at the 40 minute mark (choose a fast absorbing one not time release) this will wipe out cortisol. I never did real well with creatine either, it upset my stomach but I do like glutamine. I would take 40-60grams of BCAA’s during your workout and post workout I would do 70-80grams of whey isolate/(build up to ) 20 grams glutamine 20 grams glycine (don’t start with that dose of glycine or you will get sick) My friend owns a wholesale supplement shop (they carry Biotest too) it is www.thejuicedmoose.com and you should be able to find some good deals and products on there.

ZMA is great and inexpensive and I reccomend it to everyone! Mauro is truly brilliant and I am sure the diet will bring good results, I just do things a little different (a little closer to the outline set out in the Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain). Again congradulations on your decision to improve your health, your lifts, and certainly your pereverance! Keep up the great work and keep us posted!

laroyal, I will check out your buddies website for those supplements.

I do Zerchers probably every 6-7 weeks, I’ll be honest they make me sore for days afterwards and effect my bench training. I guess I could do more reps, but I usually do 365x5x5 or up to a working set with 405x5. They are a bitch, I don’t start at the top postion I start with my ass on my ankles with the bar sitting on the rack and then lift up. I know some start at the top walk out and do it like you would a squat. I find it’s much harder from the bottom starting position.

As for the coaching, I had some older guys when I started high school teach me to squat, a few years back I went to a Metal Militia bench seminar, although I have a tough time tucking my legs and feel I get a good pop with my current setup. I wish I had the time/money for coaching or even some serious training partners who could help out.

Thanks again and I’ll keep posting my daily diet, right now I don’t think I’m eating enough. Either I get full to quick or I am busy with work.


1 scoop NO whey
1 scoop NO Pro Complex
3 tbls heavy cream
1 scoop flax (cold milled)

3 hard boiled eggs
1 stick of cheese
4 slices of bacon

1 salmon fillet (6-7 oz)
4 oz of brocolli
1 small handful of peacans

4 slices of salami
1 slice of provalone
1 small handful of peacans

1 small handful of peacans

walk and play in the park with kids

1 pork chop
1.5 hamburger patties
2.5 cups of spinach w/cheese, cucumbers, 6 oz of brocolli, 10 olives that are soked in vinegar/olive oil, homemade dressing (olive oil, vinegar, garlic, lemon juice).
1 20oz diet caffine free pepsi

1 scoop NO whey
1 scoop NO Pro Complex
1 scoop flax
3 tbls of heavy cream

In looking at your daily food intake your food intake does seem low. One thing, I think Shugs actually wrote about it, is you are eating a low volume of food. If you got more veg in there it is going to give you a better feeling of fullness. Either way I would raise your kcals and also be SURE to drink PLENTY of H2o.

As an added incentive every gallon of h20 you drink BURNS 360 calories (fluid has to be heated to circulating temperature). In addition to being helpful for your kidneys and your body’s ability to use water soluble vitamins and remove toxins. Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

laroyal, I drink about 100 oz of water min a day, I also drink tea and green tea atleast 60 to 100 oz also. I try to drink my water and tea with lots of ice so my body had to heat it up.

I gave up Crystal Light and the other drinks like it, I figured with Maltodextrin (sp?) it couldn’t be that good. I’ve made an agreement with myself to have a 20 oz caffine free diet pepsi a day. The sweetness is wonderful. My wife is into the sugar free jello with whipped topping, no carbs but just doesn’t do it for me. I haven’t had a cheat day in about a week and half. Going from eating foot long subway subs, slushes, french fries, whoppers, ect to nothing is tough for a fat guy.

I will agree about the calories, but damn man it’s tough to eat that much in a day. I may be big, but I can’t eat that much and sometimes during the day I get caught up at work so I can’t eat. Total sucks, my boss is cool and was a fat guy once that lost a ton of weight and is in really good shape now.

Is there anything you can think of to add extra calories? I could possible do more shakes, but I don’t know if that the answer I’m looking for now with the diet.

Tonight I was eating burgers and a pork chop and was just unsatisfied. I forced myself to eat it since it’s for the good of the diet and I want to make progress.

Thanks again for the help and looking over the post. I really do appreciate it.

I know it is hard to get the food in sometimes, again, I don’t use the AD exactly but a low carb approach so sme of the things I do would not be applicable. In terms of helping with your situation I would reduce the meal size and increase the frequency. Overall you will get more kcals (and gradually) also eating every 2 hours (if possible) will speed up your metabolism in itself since you will have a more active digestive track.

I would perhaps do the acid test with the types of foods you are eating to make sure they are being properly broken down. Shakes arent the worst thing in the world (and they are better than bars) just don’t get too reliant on them and remember food is always better. If you need to use them I would mix it up (meal shake meal shake meal shake -always EAT your first meal if possible as it will influence how your body partitions the meals afterwards (yet another reason for a good breakfast!!). Great job so far, stick with it and keep us posted!

I’ll do my best to get up earlier to get a cooked meal in. It’s the least I could for myself.

Tomorrow is going to suck. I’m really sore in the lower lats from pulling against the bands so I’m sure it will affect my strength on ME Upper tomorrow. Plus my calf is brused from the top to the lower hamstring from the ART guying doing some “graston”, which makes the ART stuff seem like a gentle message!

Another question that I thought of is, how much fish oil and evening primrose should I take a day. Right now I take 2 fish oils twice a day (1000 mg per soft gel) and 1 evening primrose twice a day (500 per soft gel). I also take 1 CLA twice a day, it’s the NOW brand with guarana and green tea in it.

Thanks again and I’ll keep posting.


3.5 eggs scrambled w/cracked pepper, sea salt, olive oil and little garlic powder
2 slices of bacon

1 Labrada Lean body

2 cups of pulled pork

2 hardboiled eggs, 2 sticks of cheese
1 Hamburger patty

1 pork chop
2 chees sticks
2 pieces of brocolli

2 hardboilded egss


1 scoop NO Whey
1 scoop NO Pro Complex
1 tbls almond butter
1/2 scoop of flax
3 tbls heavy cream

1 cup hamburger
1 chicken sausage with mozzarella cheese and asparagus
2 cups spinach w/Kraft dressing (3 carbs) and some shredded cheese.

Good night at the gym, strength felt great, body is feeling healthy (injury wise), stamina was awesome. I took laroyal’s advice on the Vitamin C, did 2 grams to be on the safe side. 60 plus grams of protein after workout and will take CoQ10 tonight with dinner. Feeling awesome, I didn’t take any pictures prior to starting, but I’m going to try to get some this week for comprison. I can say I found another new belt notch this morning. Also can wait for Saturday after training so I can start my first carb up in several weeks.