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AD, Flax Fiber, and Gatorade

Iron brothers,

I wanted your opinion. I know some people are dead set against ANY kind of carbs during the AD, which is understandable, however I do not want to be just a lean bodybuilder, but also a healthy one at that. Here are my questions

  1. I take flax fiber twice a day in my protein shakes for a total of 20 grams insoluble fiber. Do you think this would affect ketosis? The health benefits of flax fiber are fantastic and also help with insulin resistance.

  2. During my workout ONLY, I drink Gatorade with 14 grams of CHO along with 30 grams BCAA. I know the BCAA’s are fine but what about the Gatorade? Do you think this would affect my ketosis?


A) ketosis is not the goal. Flax is awesome, continue to use it.

B) Stay below 30gm of CHO a day and keep your fat:pro ratio, you’ll be fine.

C) Doc’s sample diet had melba toast, so the carb source isn’t as important in that sense. However, drinking gatorade doesn’t leave you with any carbs for veggies which you really need on this lifestyle. So put it down. and get yourself whey for workouts.

As a UF alumnus I hate having to say it, but Gatorade is a crap product.

Sucrose does not belong in a sports drink. Nor does fructose. The reason is that fructose, which is half of a sucrose molecule, cannot be used by muscle. Better to use a sugar or starch that can be used by muscle.

And despite their claiming to spend lots of money on research, the information outside of their company I’ve seen shows too much electrolytes for best hydration.

If someone’s bent on drinking it, it ought to be diluted 50% with water, which solves the excess-electrolytes problem, but does nothing about the sucrose problem.