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AD Diet and Cholesterol?


I Have been on the AD diet since Sept3rd and loving it. We had a health fair at my work last month and had my cholesterol and glucose checked. My total Cholesterol was 246! Should I be concerned and have it checked by my reqular doctor? I feel great but was wondering if it is AD related.

I am thinking if I tell him I am taking in 200 grams of fat, 250 grams of protein and less than 30 grams of cho. he will freak. Any advice on the high reading of 246?


total, hdl, ldl?


The number itself doesn't mean much in the sense of causation if you didn't know what it was prior to the AD. I would visit your doctor and have it checked. And only being on the diet 8 weeks isn't enough to make much of a difference in either direction.


I know in 2005, my last test, it was 175. 67 HDL and 99 LDL with a ratio of 2.61. I did not get it tested prior to the AD but 246 now. Doesn't seem right. Maybe the test was not accurate at this health fair? Who knows. I will make an appointment to get it checked with the required 12-14 hour fast...

If it is correct,I would image the doctor will try and talk me out of the AD Diet. Kinda sucks.. I never felt better.


Well if you're doing the AD correctly, and not Atkins, then you shouldn't have any issues. Dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol are two completely different things. My cholesterol actually went down after being on the AD for the last 6 months. It wasn't high before, but it is less than it was 8 months ago.


Cholesterol should be tested in a fasted state. If you had a meal with fat that day, it would effect your blood levels of fat. Do it first thing in the morning after not eating for at least 12 hours.