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AD Diet and Berardi's Blood Acid Article



The AD diet seems to go completely against this

has anyone calculated their Pral score for a typical AD day?


Hadn't seen that article before but had a bit of a read and I don't think that they are mutually exclusive - in the AD lots of cruciferous vegies and spinach etc are suggested, which would lower the acid. Further, as mentioned in the article, one could just add a third of a teaspoon of baking powder or a bit of glutamine to cancel it out.

Interesting article though and it will make me more assiduous with vegies etc in the future (ADing it at the moment).

How alkaline would a greens+ or similar formulation be?


Even assuming 100% conclusive accuracy for everything in that article I didn't see the AD as being bad overall for the reasons already mentioned. Also he says that animal flesh does it's own antacid routine. My AD routine contains almost no grains, tons of veggies and plenty of the acid reducing buffer minerals he mentions. In a nutshell, at least the way I do it, I don't see a problem.