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AD and Peri-Workout Supps


I have been on the Anabolic Diet for about a month and LOVE it. The worst part is the bowel irregularities I guess. I carb up on Sat and Sun until 3pm. I try to keep the Mon thru Fri carbs at 30, but it's probably more like 50. Still working on it, but I love it.

My question is what is the best supplement program? I know MAG-10 pulses are good, but what about all this talk about Carbs during peri-workout and how critical it is. I use a protien and water mix before and after my workout, and it's about 12-15 carbs. I also use creatine post workout. I would consider myself a beginner/intermediate that trains 4 days a week with a DC style plan.

Does anyone follow the AD but cheats a little peri-workout?

Thanks in advance.


if you cheat, it’s not AD.


[quote]JFG wrote:
if you cheat, it’s not AD.


This. And why are you doing the advanced DC split if you are a beginner/intermediate?


Ok got. It just seems like reading through everything on this site you need to be taking like 10 different supplements to be maximizing your gains. I guess because it’s a supplement sponsored site.

I do a modified DC style training. I’m making gains and overall satisfied my with progress. I was just curious…


What sort of bowel irregularities? Do you take fiber tablets?


If you are making gains and satisfied with your progress, then I would not change a thing currently.


[quote]Brett620 wrote:
It just seems like reading through everything on this site you need to be taking like 10 different supplements to be maximizing your gains[/quote]It does?

I knew I was doing something wrong…


first of all, get a new protein powder. there are plenty of good ones out there with LESS than 2g carbs per scoop.

right there that cuts your carbs down to less than 40.

secondly use any supps you want that are light on the carbs… there are plenty of preworkout products with 0 calories and any type of fast-digesting protein or BCAA or a combo would be a good idea.

if you look in the original anabolic diet thread, something like “my experience on the anabolic diet”, DH goes into para-WO nutrition very thoroughly


Being a long-time ADer, I have experimented with pre-workout CHO (carbs), as well as post-w/o CHO, and of course the AD wherein you keep CHO to a minimum.

While I have found my muscles to certainly stay fuller with CHO, IME it is not as effective as the true AD unless I have specific goals.

Pre w/o on the AD, I generally do 50g protein powder, and some amino acids. Post workout, when gaining mass I used olive oil generously, doing roughly 12 tbsp along with another 50g protein powder. Now, while cutting down, I have been doing amino acid pulses, not entirely dissimilar to what some of the fellows on the BCAA Megadose thread are doing. This has worked tremendously well for me.