ACVR2B (ACE-031) Crazy?

Has anyone here looked into this peptide? From what I read sounds pretty interesting.

I stole this but it gives people an idea an idea of what it is about if they don’t know.

Myostatin is a protein that muscles produce if they are over-trained or if they become weaker as a result of ageing (frailty). The only function of myostatin that researchers have found so far in adult organisms is that it retards muscle growth.

This is why the pharmaceutical industry is experimenting so avidly with myostatin blockers, in the hope that they can help to keep people with muscle disease or age-related frailty healthy for longer. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is already at an advanced stage in the process of developing a human myostatin blocker.

Its here and its called ACVR2B (ACE-031)

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I’ve heard good things about it on other forums… you can buy it on any research chem site. I don’t think many people have used it yet. I’d like to know if it’s effective at all for decreasing muscle loss between cycles.

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Is it delivered via viral vector?


Can’t find a whole lot on it. I assume you would recon and shoot like any other peptide. The studdies have shown to be crazy muscle growth in animals. Never found much of anything for human consumption.

It is for sale in the Peptide market here in canada and the US tho. Just curios what other people thoughts were on it

Also stolen from interesting tidbit.

Acceleron, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will begin safety trials this year for its myostatin treatment, ACE-031, said Steven Ertel, vice president of corporate development. Acceleron has reported that rodents given the substance had a 60 percent increase in muscle growth and primates, at least 10 percent.

Nonetheless, participants in sports are following the development of myostatin inhibitors. Lee, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine molecular scientist, recalls putting down a test tube one day about two years ago to take a phone call from a Brazilian bodybuilder who had e-mailed for weeks with questions about the substances.

I was explaining that we were still in the testing phases and that a drug Wyeth has in trials, and he interrupted me and said, `MYO-029?''' Lee said during an interview at his laboratory. He said, `I have some right here. I just want to know if it’s safe to take.‘’’

`Shocking Conversation’

I warned him against taking something that hadn't been thoroughly tested,'' Lee said. It was a shocking conversation.‘’