Acute Shoulder Injury

About 6 weeks ago in a mosh pit, my arm got hit while outstretched causing painful external rotation. Hurt like a bitch the next day, and gave me some trouble falling asleep for a couple weeks.

The pain feels like it’s coming from inside the glenohumeral joint. Significant external rotation (~45 degrees), abducting to ~90 degrees or further, and reaching overhead are the movements that cause pain. Until a couple of weeks ago, I heard (and felt) clicking from the joint when I tried to do these movements.

When I was testing out Cuban presses several weeks ago (they hurt), I heard/felt a very loud snap in the shoulder, which relieved some of the pain.

I have not seen any medical professional about this, though my guess is that it’s a SLAP tear. I have been rehabbing with light ext rotator work, mobility, stretching, and NSAIDs. Mobility has improved a lot and pain has decreased a lot, but it’s still annoying enough that I can’t do overhead work or shoulder abduction.

Is there any point to seeing someone about this now? Anything else I could be doing to fix this? Thanks.