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Acute Knee Inflamation - Help


About 4 weeks ago I was doing some jumping exercises for gpp and had a sudden pain in my right knee. Walking became a bit painful so I went to a doctor.

She told me that I had knee inflammation and gave me nsaid's and told me to take it easy for a few days and it would be alright.

I did what she said, but perhaps I went a bit too soon in the gym again. I was performing the same exercise (I've decided to quit doing that one.. :slightly_smiling: and it happened again, but this time it was worse.

I continued to take the nsaids and since I had a diagnosis I didnt want to go to the doctor again.

Now its been 3 weeks since the reoccurence and while the inflamation is gone and its been a while since I stopped taking the nsaids I still cant squat with bodyweight or walk up stairs with my right foot first.

Sometimes when I walk it clicks kinda funny but it doesnt hurt. Walking is not painful but almost everything that requires knee flexion is painful.

Does anyone have some advice for me? Should I just give it a rest some more? Might there be an underlying postural issue?


1)See another sports medicine doctor and get a thorough diagonosis.

2)Yes, stay off it for a while, at least as far as what irritates it, ice if used.

3)Yes, could be postural. Stretch out all lower body muscles, focus on quads.

A good diagonosis will answer many of your questions and reveal the proper methods of recovery. It sound like tendonitis but clicks could mean ligament sprains. Postural misalignment could be causing patella tracking problems etc...lots of options, so get a good diagnosis.

Search the forum, lots of knee pain threads... and plenty of info to know what might be wrong.


You'll need to be more specific on the nature and location of the pain.


Slaps self on face

Yes, I did a search as recommended :smiley: I found a nice article about knee pain by Lori Gross.

My pain sounds a bit like Tendinitis. The article said this:
"The treatment is always rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories until the pain and swelling dissipate. Quadricep stretching is indicated"

It also said that repetitive motions like kicking (I do tkd among other stuff) increased the risk.

Is my time frame normal for this kind of injury? Should I keep taking nsaids even though the swelling is gone? Should I keep iceing? Is it too early to stretch the quad?

(The pain is deep to the patella slightly on the right side.)

Thanks for the quick replies btw.


I would for sure keep iceing. In the past 10 years Ice has become my best friend. I would start stretching but very lightly and of course not in a dynamic way, and dont do anything that is going to piss it off. let it heal or it will take twice as long.


Actually, tendonitis is very rare. You're probably dealing with a case of tendonosis. The former indicates inflammation of the tendon, whereas the latter indicates degeneration of the tendon. You might have some inflammation of the tendon sheath that would still be responsive to the NSAIDs.

See my "ACSM Recap" from last November for details. Work to improve connective tissue strength in that tendon through therapeutic modalities, but spend a boatload more time strengthening the muscles working at the hips (and to a lesser extent, the ankles) so that the quads don't have to do all the work.


Therapautic modalities included eccentric training (3x15 twice a day every day at pain tolerance). Can I do that with bodyweight squats?

What can I do to strengthen the muscles at the hip without using knee extension? I'm open to everything, and while I could venture a guess, I value your input greatly.

Meanwhile, I'll keep icing it (how often should I do this? I only do it once a day, perhaps I should do it more often?) and resting it.

Thanks for your input everyone.


Just adding some info and some thoughts.

My knee clicks when I externally rotate the leg (turn the feet away from the middle) and walk.

I've been wondering about what exercises I could use and so far I've thought about cable pull-throughs, good mornings, stiff-leg deadlifts.

I'm not too sure about whether I can use loading like that or if I should just let pain be my guide or what. Can I put load on the knee as long as I dont bend it into the pain-zone?



I've now had an MRI and a diagnosis. Its a slight tear of the medial meniscus. It will probably be cut away in a few weeks time, depending on how long it is until I can get an appointment.

Any tips for training with it? The doctor said I could do basically anything but should avoid jumping. The pain is, according to doc, just a nerve being irritated and while the tear will likely get worse if I jump on it, normal training and weight training are okey and the pain is just something I can choose to live with until the operation.

So, what do you all think?


Having just started my own thread yesterday on how to handle a meniscal tear in order to look for advice, I've got to say I'm glad to hear what YOUR doc says about training!