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Anybody have any experiences with Acupuncture?
I have a lower back injury (nothing structural, they think its probably the ligaments) and Im thinking about giving it a shot…

Any feedback would be appreciated…

My experience has been superb :slight_smile:
It has worked for 3 different problems - a locked neck, chronic sacro-iliac pain, and fibromyalgia.
I hope (and expect) that you will get equally good results. All the best :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Im glad to hear it helped you. Hopefully if I do give it a shot, it will do the same…

Anybody else have any feedback?

Yep. I’ve had good results for :

detox from smoking- Kept me calm through the first few days.

Accute trauma- Some pain and swelling related to injury was reduced a good deal.

Alltogether I’m prety happy with the accupuncture treatments I’ve recieved, but my expectations were reasonable.

Look for a good practitioner that uses it as a supplement to other treatments. If they try selling you crystals or adjusting your aura- Run!

Yea acupuncture can be effective, although I think massage is much more effective. Neuromuscular, Trigger Point therapy, not the relaxation type. My clients have reported much better results than acc.

Give it a shot.

Acupuncture is great and,in my experience and many others,works better than drugs.

I use Acupuncutre every week and it keeps my stress levels down and I’ve used it in the past with great results.
I’m a big believer in chinese medicine.

There are diferent kinds of Acupuncture,though.

The most effective,latest kind of acupuncture is called BRT.

It is the most effective Acupuncture
system I’ve ever seen.


Anybody have any idea how much I should be paying per session? The guy Im hearing is the best around supposedly costs about $75 a session.

I used accupuncture after I tore two discs. It worked, but I had to do it three times a week for a few weeks, then every month. Then it wasn’t worth it. Plus, at the time, I was really skinny, a classic stick-boy, and the needles hurt like, well, HELL. Then a new dude started putting them in my face and head, and I started to get headaches. So that was the end of the accupuncture.

Good luck.

[quote]MurrDawg wrote:
Anybody have any idea how much I should be paying per session? The guy Im hearing is the best around supposedly costs about $75 a session.[/quote]

Thats on the higher end, but that’s about right. Anywhere from 45-100$ depending on location. Higher median income areas, New York, LA, Miami etc. practioners will charge more. In Orlando average was $60 here in Colorado about the same.

Thanks for all the replies guys, I really appreciate the input.