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Actually Useful Apps for Iphone

I went to a crappy country with my cell phone, company IT decided it was compromised; issued me an iPhone X and all my passwords are new. Pain in the ass.

Now, the extent I use my iPhone its for:

calling people/being called
turning on and off various alarm systems
Music/Sonos system
Safari to surf the Internet and read T-Nation.
taking pictures of things.

Now, I know this is basically all something that a Jitterbug /Grandpa phone could do, so I’d like to actually add stuff on here that I might actually use.

Any suggestions?

You seem like you’d like a podcast app - I’m not sure if Apple phones have the PocketCast app but it has just about any podcast I can think of and a pretty intuitive search feature.

I think I paid money for it ($2.99 at most, I think) … on time payment and all the podcasts you want.

I’ve got one for work (kinda) called WISER it’s a HAZMAT app, helps you decipher the warning placards and ID numbers on tanker trucks and the like. I’m not a HAZMAT specialist, just generally curious, when I’m not driving I like to see what’s around me.

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likely story

Haha, I make my wife look stuff up when I’m driving.

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Audible for audio books. My $8 subscription per month gets me 1 or 2 “free” audio books to listen to each month.

You can download the books to your phone over Wi-Fi and listen on the road without burning data.

Overdrive. It’s an app that links to my library account and allows me to download ebooks and audiobooks for free through my library. Essentially you are borrowing library books on your phone. You don’t have to take them back to the library either. When the 3 week borrowing period is up, they are removed from your device so no fines.

Like apps like audible, the files are downloaded so you can access them anywhere without data.

Of all the apps on my phone, that one gets used every day multiple times.

My most used:

Delta and United Airlines
Word, Excel
PDF Export
Tiny Scanner - for scanning documents
CamCard - take photo of business cards and creates contact
GoToMeeting, Citrix - Conference call apps
Hue, Samsung Smart Things, Blink, etc - Home Automation Apps
IFTTT - Automation App
Venmo - for money transfers to friends
Waze - Checking traffic
Loan and EZ Calculator
Nowiat – for reservations to restaurants. Really great app for large cities
Roku and AppleTV apps - Controlling TV
Medium - Reading posts from authors like Nasim Taleb
Barcode Scanner - I use this at Bestbuy or other stores to price match. I tend to forget a charger or chord when I travel.
Fandango, IMDB and Regal – For movie listings and information


This one is great!

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The hell you say? They have me paying $14/month. How’d you swing $8?

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I have a samsung on Verizon. Maybe that’s it. Also Boston vs the Burgh.

Right!? I pay ~$23 for two credits a month.

Maybe this? That’d be interesting if that’s the case.

Still cheaper per credit than my $14 for 1 credit … Did y’all maybe sign up during a promotion?

I got one free credit/month then $14 after that?

Anyway, I need to suspend my account. I have 4 unused credits just sitting there…

I believe it’s the standard rate for Platinum membership. I listen to ~4 Audible books a month on average, so I end up pay for two without credits.

makes sense … I jump between Audible and the multitude of podcasts I have downloaded.

This or google maps is a necessary for where I live. Nothing worse than forgetting to check and getting stuck behind an accident on the normal route. I change my route on a regular basis after checking traffic before leaving.

I second all the podcasting, I use the free apple one, but I’m sure there are better apps you can pay for.

Others I use:
WhatsApp (for texting international friends, not necessary otherwise)
The Weather Channel
Spotify (I pay for add free and use it very frequently)
Google Maps or Waze (as said above)
Meditation Apps (currently subscribed to Calm, but have found free versions called Oak and another called Insight Timer. Oak has some good breathing exercises for a 2-minute break)

I find Evernote very handy. It serves as a virtual notebook.

For training, I have 531 Strength and Seconds, which is a pretty fancy interval timer. I use Google maps pretty often and Sirius XM which links to my subscription in my truck.

Very useful everyone.

I also have Amazon Prime somehow tied to my Sonos app, so I get a ton of music that way.

Recently got Evernote and it is very useful.