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Actovegine Injection Advice?

Dear all,

I am interested to know your experiences, if you have any, of using Actovegine for injury healing purposes.

Would highly appreciate your contribution in this matter to know more about this compound.


You learn something new everyday

Haha. What a nice respond man. Have had ongoing chronic degenerated soft tissue at my ankle for a year. Trying to get rid of that by alternatives of surgery. Thats why im searching to know more about stuff like BPC-157, Actovegine and etc.
Any experience you may have brother?

Never heard of actovegine but there is a lot of info around on BPC 157

Can you tell us more about this tissue? What is happening? How did you get it? I use BPC 157 with great success but I have Tendinitis from too many hammer curls. Your problems sound far more serious.

@hrdlvn, have you ever tried TB-500? How often do you inject BPC-157? What is your dose? I’m very interested in trying these peptides for my shoulder and some other aches and pains that I have accumulated over the years.

I have not tried TB-500.
Sermorelin, Ipamorelin to boost IGF-1 for more natural GH, BP-157 for Tendinitis and Cardarine for endurance in the gym.
The data I read about dosing 157 was 250mcg every day as close to the area where the pain is.
I was injecting 300mcg in each arm. It took about 5 weeks before my Tendinitis was gone and I mean completely gone. As soon as the pain stops I stop taking it. I have overdone it at the gym requiring more injections but I never have to do it more than twice then all better.

Thank you! I am going to order enough for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

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Hey man. Sorry for delayed respond. Life is getting me busy nowadays.
I am a runner. And i have been doing this for seven past years almost daily. This is something that i am passianate about. Last year in June i felt a pain around my left ankle bone. it was about 5 out of 10. I had the pain for about 2 months. And after that the pain was about 2 out of 10. I did not have the pain in walking or jogging. But i was not able to sprint. Then i realized the pain come from peroneal tenden. So i decided to run only on my toes to decrease the pressure of my peroneal tenden. I was running on my toes for weeks. Then i realized i am damaging my ligaments a lil bit. I was doing running more and less and not that much during last year. Then i decided to see an orthoped. I took x-ray and MRI. No broken bone. No fracture. MRI showed a very tiny tear in my peroneal tenden and some other ligaments. I started physical therapy sessions. No benefit. I changed the ortho doc to a sport medicen doc. I said to new doc that i feel general weakness in my ankle and i also feel kinda emptiness deep side of my ankle bone. The new doc said, in addition to those very tiny tear, there is a little bit of arthrises in my ankle joint too. I said i really wanna back in sprinting again and he said he can inject corticosteroid inside of my ankle joint. I declined it. Because of too many bad comments i heard about corton injection. I asked about PRP and STEM CELL THERAPY. He said he can do it too. But it is very costly. Each PRP shot costs 850$. Each stem cell procedure costs 1500$. So that is why i am looking for a cheaper option.
Please shed some light in this issue if i can use BPC-157 to get that shit heald.
And then if so, how can i inject it close to my ankle joint. Because there is no fat part on that area.

Can you take a close up picture of your ankle and circle the exact spot you feel this pain?
You don’t need a fatty area just a 31ga 1/2" easy touch syringe. You will pinch up a small wad of skin and inject in the dead space just below the skin right over top of the area that hurts. Its really pretty easy. It will take about 5 week of daily injections. Atleast was how long it took me for my pain to go away.

@studhammer, Well stud looks like I will be testing my BPC157 on my right shoulder.
I am on week 11 of my 400blast and upped my flat bench a little too fast and something kind of clicked or popped just underneath my front delt. It is sore as hell to raise my arm from the side to straight in front of me.

I can press on my shoulder with two fingers and find the spot that hurts the most. I plan to stick .30ml in that very spot this afternoon.

Oh Shit!! Man I hope this is just inflamed or maybe an impinged nerve and not a torn RC. Mine is in the mail so we can test it together. My PT put the hurt on me last Weds and it took several days to feel better.

what dose does that equate to?

300mcg. Just did my first stick zero pain using a 31ga 5/16" easy touch I used to use for HCG. I’ll probably stick again at bedtime and then do every evening when I take my Ipamorelin.

I’ve never injured my shoulders so I don’t know. There is just a low dull ache right now. I can rotate my should around with small pops and clicks no sever pain. Nothing really got away from me at the bench just doing the last reps to failure when I felt it. The bench machine stopped the bar from hitting me when I did the emergency release.

Well, hit it with the BPC 157 and let it rest for a while. If its torn, you will eventually know it because you will lose structural strength. I couldnt even put the milk back in the fridge with my left arm after I tore mine

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@hrdlvn How’s your shoulder doing?

IF I stay away from any straight on pushing movements there is no pain.
I am using the BPC 157 twice a day.
Was in the gym for over 2 hours today working arms all 3 muscles and traps.

I am thinking I just tore a few muscle fibers of my front right delt. My plan is to stay away from the flat bench for at least a month. Monday is chest and front delt day so I plan to see how inclines and declines go with just the bar goes.

Crusing youtube for shoulder warmup exersizes that might help me with a little homemade PT. Any suggestions?

Actovegin is a mixture of natural substances of inorganic (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorides, nitrogen compounds) and organic (acetate, lactate, amino acids, nucleosides, glycosphingolipids, antioxidant enzymes) genesis.

Actovegin is a highly filtered extract obtained from calf blood which enhances aerobic oxidation in mammals. This improves absorption of glucose and oxygen uptake in tissue, which may enhance physical performance and stamina. Injecting it into the blood track is not allowed.

@jimy are you planning on trying this?

So, after 3 surgeries now and associated PTs, I’ve come to realize that very few of us are “training” our RC and supportive muscles. We all push and pull when those muscle are designed for internal and external rotation and to drive the shoulder socket into the joint when the shoulder is raised above 90 degrees.

Anyway…some of the things I’m doing are an Iron Cross with bands (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noQsFVeJWlQ), one armed external and internal rotation with bands (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lU8A9UR4s8), and one other that I can’f find a video for. It involves going from a squat position with bands in your hands to a standing position with your hands in an external rotation with elbows at shoulder level.

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