Actors, Athletes, and Influencers on Steroids

No way is he 200 lbs and he didn’t look like that through the whole movie. It’s like peaking for a contest on a certain day of the shoot. I know natural competitors that look bigger than him and more ripped that come in at 160-170. The point I’m trying to make is the census out there now is that you can’t get big or strong without doing drugs. And that’s simply not correct. The secret to anything is consistency and the right game plan. And 99% of the people in the gyms today, don’t have the right game plan at all and don’t have a clue

Please everyone. Commenting about someone’s body weight without mentioning their height is quite close to meaningless.


As RTNomad mentioned height here is important. Jackman is pretty tall. Listed at 6’2".

It is totally believable that he is around 200 lbs.

Also, I didn’t think I’d need to make another “the Rock isn’t as tall as he claims” post. The Rock is more like 6’2". Weighing 240 lbs at that height and leanness is pretty impressive.

I bet Arnold was lighter than that.

No Legs at all

I was meaning humanity in general

Exactly. If he is truly 6’2” ( they lie all the time in Hollywood, bodybuilding, pro wrestling) that is not big at all. He looks in good shape but muscle head he is not. I believe I read it a while back that they said he was 195. But I’m sure on the days of the shoot that he is more detailed he probably restricted water etc. and is lighter.

Who said this?

“Big and Strong” is absolutely possible while natty, but looking like O’Hearn, the Rock, or Hemsworth natty - is not.


No, he didn’t directly say that, but that’s everybody’s implication all over social media nowadays. And you’re painting the picture for young people in the gym that they have no hope but to jump on some type of drug in order to gain any type of muscularity or strength. 90% of the normal male can look like Hugh Hackman or the other actor in the Viking movie. That look is just simple, diet and training.

Agree, but you’re going to have to back up your claims. Post a physique pic, then share your plan with the world.


I’ve seen these guys in person, in street, clothes, and tank tops. They turn to the side and they disappear. Maybe they’re all lying about their body weights. And the natural competitors I was referring to the average between 5’6”- 5’8” at 160 to 170 pounds.

You’ve seen Mike O’Hearn, The Rock, and Chris Hemsworth in person? All of them? Man, I’m jealous… been just outside LA for about 4 years now and haven’t even seen a D-List actor and you’ve seen everyone - even the one who lives in Australia.

I’m going to go ahead and pre-emptively bump my earlier comment because I get the impression you’re going to act like I didn’t ask:

I don’t think this is a fair representation of Chris’ argument. Saying one needs drugs to look like the Rock isn’t the same as saying you need drugs in order to gain any type of muscularity or strength.

I mean he didn’t even say that, but it is a reasonable position.

Yes ohearn at expos. The rock backstage at wrestling shows. Various other actors/athletes on set or appearances
I’m replying from my cell phone, sorry for the delay. I’m trying to look for a couple pics as well, but they won’t send.

I oversaw a photo shoot with O’Hearn several years back. I saw Hemsworth work out at my gym. They both looked pretty damn big and good. Guess it’s just a matter of opinion what’s big and what isn’t.

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What I’m saying is that their physiques are attainable naturally. They aren’t that impressive. These guys aren’t competitors so it’s a guessing game with the entertainment industry.

The Rock’s physique can be attained naturally? Please tell me your secrets, and let me know your venmo so I can become your client today. Name your price.


Feel free to post your Instagram account if you have one. We’ll allow it.


Jackman never really looked massive, just shredded up. I won’t say I ‘doubt’ but surely he can’t have been on roids for that physique. Now granted I’ve just rewatched the first lot of xmen films again and I think he was bigger/leaner in the later ones but in the first lot he really didn’t need to be anywhere near roids for that body, just hard work and a good diet.

Chris Hemsworth is an interesting one. He seems to have got a lot bigger in the last few years compared to his older stuff (where he was by no means small). It’s always hard to judge what these people are on though. I know loads of people on my gym who take a lot of roids and look smaller than me (I’m certainly not ‘big’).

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Jackman actually has admitted to doing it.

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