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ActivitiesGuy Log III: Strength AND Endurance!


Thursday 11/1

Axle Deadlift

1x490 (raw, PR)
1x490 (raw, PR)

Personal best for the axle without straps.


Friday 11/2



Happy with this. Not an alltime PR but I’m trying to make it fairly routine to cross the 600 mark so when I try for a bigger PR, like 650-plus, it no longer feels like such a big deal to be over 600.


Also, decided to treat myself to a new toy and bought a pair of Titan Fitness Wagon Wheels. Just feel like it might be fun to really push the weight a bit & overload, especially axle deadlifts. @flipcollar did a cool event recently that I may train for next year, and I’ll need to practice an axle deadlift from a little taller height if I want to be well prepared.


Saturday 11/3

Raked Leaves

Front Squat


Back Squat



Veeeery slowly, but surely, you’re going to quietly go kick some ass at a strongman competition haha.


I’m definitely moving in that direction. The training for that seems to suit me better than any of the other strength sports. I’m considering the event that flip just did (Static Monsters) for next year if the site closest to me holds the event again.


Right on man, we’ll be e-cheering for you when you decide it’s time.


Sunday 11/4

Spinning Bike (20 Minutes)


Monday 11/5

Raked leaves

Axle Deadlift

1x565 (straps)


Hey man just wanted you to know since I’ve been on this forum, I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed your log. The simplicity in which you train, the results, and the manner which you approach training is super refreshing.

Since my injury and having to change how I train, I think I am more like you, in the sense I don’t have any crazy goals but I just want to train daily and stay strong and athletic. I don’t think I’d ever need to commit more than 45 minutes daily in order to do that. I’m not going to compete in any meets or break world records. The training is simply for my own mental and physical (and for my family) health.

The only difference is I need to do 3’s to 10’s lol. Gotta try to figure out to incorporate a more total program but in the style that you do it.

I’m guessing you’ve never really felt burnt out from training?


Tuesday 11/6

Axle Deadlift (Wagon Wheels)


My Wagon Wheels arrived today so of course I had to play with my new toys. I love the look - there’s something really cool about pulling with the huge diameter wheels - and I think this will be useful for the ability to overload (eventually) - it takes a little time getting used to generating tension at the start of the pull from higher starting position, but I expect in the long run I’ll be able to handle heavier weights, helping prepare for new-1RM efforts from the floor. At the very least it’s another tool in the arsenal to play with, and they look super cool. I’ll get a vid in the next couple days.



Likewise. I totally respect people that train with higher goals in mind (getting on a bodybuilding stage, competing in powerlifting or strongman, etc). I just feel that for my life, it’s enough to get some self-satisfaction from being strong with relatively low injury risk, as you alluded, for mental and physical health.

So this is interesting. You are correct that I’ve never really felt burnt out from training (and flying in the face of much conventional wisdom, I’ll do stuff like deadlifting >90% on back-to-back days with no immediate ill effects). I attribute this to the short, focused nature of the workouts and to the low reps. Doing nearly all singles and doubles seems to work beautifully for this goal.

Of course, there’s a tradeoff to that: on the occasions that I do venture into higher-rep work, I tend to pay for it. Sometime earlier this year I took on that moron’s challenge to deadlift 20,000 pounds as quickly as possible and did so with 60-something reps at 315; I was sore for a week. When I visited NeverSate Athletics, I did a week’s worth of training volume in a single workout, and again was sore for a week afterwards. So there is a “cost” in the form of, well, let’s call it what it is - poorer conditioning. But for daily life, I feel pretty great, and never having DOMS is pretty nice.


I think because your posts are generally so well articulated, when you include these barbs, they’re friggin hilarious.


Biting sarcasm is fun; the effect is no doubt magnified when it is judiciously and appropriately used.

I should go find that thread. What a tool. It was a reasonable enough idea, but the dude’s attitude was all wrong.


Yeah some of the stipulations to the challenge were downright absurd. Wasn’t there a no heavy weights clause, or something like that? There was all kinds of subjective standards that just couldn’t apply across the board.


Looked up the original thread:

Some of the rules were

“no sumo” (can kinda-sorta see logic there, even if I disagree)

“no touch and go” (why?)

“no high rep” (in a challenge where the goal was to accumulate volume in a time window…what?)


Ahh yeah that’s what they were. Very silly rules to impose on an otherwise decent challenge.


Great log. I find the same thing about rep work. Have never hit as many movements as heavy as 90% on back to back days but tend to not get too sore from heavy and low reps but get sore from higher rep work - which I still do include.

I like the simplicity of your set-up as well.


It’s weird, even for when I do 5-15 reps, I still never really get sore. I think my body is just use to working out now. But I do get sore from conditioning. Burpees and sprints are the worst lol.


I think this is a lot of it. I still get DOMS from time to time, but it’s usually from an activity I haven’t done much of, or a huge increase in volume. Any kind of consistency seems to make DOMS either a non-factor or something I don’t realize I’m living with day to day haha.