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Activities Inside House - for Boys


I have twin boys, that are 4 1/2 years of age. In these dog days of winter, what activities have you provided to your kids to burn energy - especially with boys? Ideally, activities in the house, so we don't have to run out.

My boys are all over the place, and sometimes use that energy in "not so nice" ways. My wife wants to get a Wii, but I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?


how big is your house? do you have a lot of empty space?
things that I did as a child:
-fort building
-mini sticks
-video games
boys will be boys...let them go at it


I know it's a pain, but bundle them up good and let them play outside. Ice skating, hockey, soccer in the snow, sledding the list goes son and on.
In Quebec we have those long cold winters and I found that nothing burns off energy better than getting the kid (I have only 1) outside. Better than a WII any day.


The floor is lava.

Just yell it and watch the fun.

But you have to be convincing. Look scared.


Squats and breastmilk.


I used to play "the floor is the ocean" with my little brother and we'd have to dodge sharks. Good shit.

We also played outside all bundled up.


The floor is lava game is always fun.

Boxing and pad work.

Sock Fights. Roll up your socks and throw them at each other.

Pillow fights.


Jam out in the backyard or a park. Build forts, move snow, learn to skate, play hockey.

Could be worse than getting a wii, but unless they are really co ordinated for 4 and a half i doubt they would catch on quickly, and would most likely struggle and get frustrated.

Lego or that duplo stuff maybe? Used to love that stuff as a young lad


what do you mean you have to be convincing? the floor has always been lava, hah try and walk on it. seriously, i fucking dare you.


you have 4.5 year olds and you were born in 87?


You could have the kids pretend they are in some sort of jungle tribe and need to capture the puma (cat) that has stolen your supply of crops with only forks taped to mop handles?


Blow up a balloon and play 'Keep it off the ground' They can use their hands, feet, head....anything on their body. Just don't let the balloon hit the ground.

Nerf basketball.

If you want them to be more passive, get an HO slot car set ( the smaller cars with the magnets). They can run em full speed and they fly off the track only on occasion. You have to be there with them to put the car back on the track, and it can test their dexterity.


Have them make things you can sell out of your home. Like shoes, or baskets.


Funny how kids think of the same games. I used to play "the floor is the ocean" and "can't let the balloon touch the floor" all the time.


Push all the couches and chairs against the wall in the living room. Cover the floor with blankets and then have wrestling tournaments.

Forts are always cool too. Maybe have a spit ball war between opposing forts.


Ahhh yes.. the floor is the ocean... I have a 6 year old.. we play that... it's awesome... :smiley: I build forts with her too... and we sip protein shakes in them... :slight_smile: lol


Pay them nickels to fold laundry


Making forts was so much fun...




That's what I was wondering, too.


Tell them you're playing a game called 52 pickup. Get a deck of playing cards throw them on the floor and say pick it up.