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Activities/Ideas for T-Cell Meets

I am in the midst of organizing (have I even started, yet?) a Canadian T-Cell Meet (in Calgary).

Please reply and let me know what sorts of fun you have done with your T-Cells.

Also, how frequently do you meet?

What sorts of meeting places do you choose?

Remember, I am expecting the worst (most people show up to the meet) and hoping for the best (most people show up to the meet and bring hot gals, too).


Paint Ball was the best time ever. Even if Brett did shoot me three times in the head from five feet away. At least I didn’t scream like CGB.

Seriously usually we just get together do one or two activities and cook us some food. Lots of meat for everyone. Ketchup for the Cassineator, and some of those japanese cokies, right Cass.


The NW T-Pack was rather active and preferred meeting during strongman events and highland games :wink:

Afterwards, it was a huge meal that included plenty of beer. Yeah, babee.

Power lifting meets would be another good meeting place. We have also met over a big breakfast. I’d say anyplace that serves food and beer is good. :wink:

Dude, we have an Alberta T-Cell. Many are coming up for thhe housewarming party on the 17th. Feel free to come.k



i guess i was looking for a collection of ideas. i guess a huge game of Twister is prolly not good, right?


pin the tail on the body builder.