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Active Teenagers and Fat Loss

   I have read almost every article here on T-Nation that relates to diet and such ( the v-diet,anabolic diet, t-dawg diet) and i keep getting mixed opinions. I am 17 years old and play football. I am six foot tall and 250 lbs. with a fair amount of fat on me but i nice amount of muscle under it) I am looking to lose around 45 lbs. of fat while retaining my current muscle mass to play a new position. 

I’m not looking for any miracle fixes just a solid 15-20 week gameplan to get me off and going. But I really do not know how to approach it i have a good general knowhow, but i run into issues does a teen need more carbs then prescribed by these low-carb high fat diets, how about alot of cardio that we do for conditioning,can anyone just kind of hint me to a specific diet that would be good for me, or just some general pointers.


Read this:


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