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Active Release Technique


I know a lot of guys on the forum say great things about A.R.T. I just finished my second session for tightness in my traps. The doctor is only doing one side for now, so i can see a comparasion he says, but the side he worked on seems to be worse. The treatment was very painful and im more sore and even more tight then before. I know its only the second session but isnt it supposed to be better not worse?
Anyone who has anything to contribute it would be greatly apreciated... thanks


yeah I had it, performed on my shoulder, hurt like hell first few times, but can take several sessions mine can sometimes be sore more than a day, but feels os much greater days later, mine was in a lot of pain so took longer but he worked on both shoulders, adventually, I hvae had great success with my ART treatments


Like many others around T-Nation, I've had a lot of success with A.R.T. However, I have a friend who was having the same problem as you: more sore, not really feeling any better. He decided to switch to a more experienced doctor, as the one he was seeing was relatively new to A.R.T. Two treatments later, he was a new man.

Accordingly, when I went looking for a doctor, I found a guy who not only had extensive experience in A.R.T., but also had a bodybuilding background and was a current triathlete. Needless to say, it's pretty easy to relate lifting/sports issues to him, and he's been able to work wonders. Just something to consider.


Thanks for the replys...How do you know how experienced a doctor is? Is there a way to tell from the art site or somthing? I have my third session with this doctor today, ill see how i feel after this one. Thanks


How much do the sessions cost?


I agree with Blitz, it's important to find somebody with experience, and more importantly a sports background if possible. My guy has a hockey background, was contracted by KU (Kansas)...until they hired their own full time ART guy, and goes to the same gym I do. The guy that he goes to see for ART treatment is his mentor and on the KC Chiefs staff.

I have sent some people to him that had terrible experiences, but my wife and I have had great success. The point is, you have to go into that first appointment and interview the doctor ust as much as they interview you. If you don't like what you see/hear, go elsewhere.


My insurance actually covers this, so I can go up to 30 times a year with a $20 copay. Without insurance I think its around $60.


In my case, I was lucky enough to find a guy who's clinic has its own website detailing all of the doctors there. Also, I learned during my first session that the clinic worked with many of the Atlanta Falcons/Hawks, so that was kind of a testimonial in and of itself. If you can't find out about the doctor from his/her website, your best bet is probably just to call and ask. I'm sure it's information they have to provide. Where are you located, andrew?


I think it varies based on the clinic/treatment received. I had to cover my deductible at first, so I was paying roughly $120 a session. Now I just have ~$40 copay.