Active Release Technique

Who’s had some experience with ART? My tendonitus has really flared up and is not getting any better. I am to the point of trying something new. I went to a sports medicine doc a while back and all he did was throw some drugs at me and tell me to stop working out. Gee thanks, he spent all of one minute with me. However, I have always been very leery of chiroprators and I see that ART is only practiced by chiropractors. Drugs don’t help much, stretching gives a small amount of relief. I wake up in the morning and it hurts to extend my arm (right is worse then left). Shaking hands with some one hurts. I need some good advice here. Does it work? and how often do you have to go? Do they want to “adjust” your spine - cause ain’t no one “adjusting” me, my back is just fine thank you.

  1. Not all ART practitioners are chiros.

  2. Your problem may not be tendonitis; it could originate from the neural impingement at the spine.

  3. Yes, it has proven effective in many cases of tendonitis and a host of other problems.

I have had ART sessions with great success on a brachialis injury. The injury was really painful. The pain has never returned. It took the DC about 3 sessions to find the right place and that was it. I’m sure you’re aware that ART for a soft tissue injury. There is no skeletal adjustment. It is a manuipulation of the soft tissue. The technique itself can be quite painful.

worked awesome with my Chostrochonditis…inflammation of the sternum and ribs…prob best experience ive had witha doctor to date.

I originally found out about it from an article on this site. However, when I researched it, it was hard to find detailed information about exactly what the technique was - which threw up red flags for me. From what I have found, I assume it is some kind of deep tissue massage? Exactly what do they do?

go get the ART…it is amazing…bm

how do you become a certified ART practicioner?

ART did not work for me, but I think it has allot to do with the person doing it! PM Iron Doc and he can hook you up with someone good!

BTW I get adjusted once a month, I love my Chiro!

I have had deep tissue massage before. I wonder how much that differs from ART? has a lot of information, but there’s also a ton here if you, oh, I don’t know…SEARCH for it.

With the right practitioner, it does work.

I wonder the same thing - whether ART is just a form of deep tissue massage? I sure would like to know exactly what the treatment is comprised of; what they actually do.

The first time I got ART, I asked my doc the difference between that and a deep tissue massage. He told me that where a deep tissue massage was more general, ART is more specifically focused. With massage they use palms of the hand and elbows, with ART he usually used 2 fingers or his thumb. They really dig those fingers in there and then have you do some specific movements. He joked with me that it is probably similar to what chinese pressure torture would feel like…

I wasn’t laughing…

But it really is amazing. My shoulders were screwed up from years of incorrect heavy pressing form, and he had the pain gone in one 40 minute session.