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Active Recovery

Yesterday I worked up to my 2RM on dead lifts and Bench and did speed squats (5x2x55%). My next workout calls for active recovery.

Exactally what is active recovery? Would body weight rounds (push ups/situps) be enough for a workout?

Thanks in advance


Bodyweight stuff is good for active recovery. The goal of active recovery is to increase the bloodflow to your muscles without increasing fatigure. To do this, you want to try to minimize the eccentric portions of the lift as much as possible, as this is where he most muscle breakdown occurs. Sled dragging is a great active recovery method, providing you make sure to keep the weight down. The key here is to keep everything light, you should feel better coming out of the session then you did going into it.

I like to do Pilates (bite me) the day after my squat and deadlift workouts. It helps to stretch me out a little and get the blood flowing to my core and legs (specific exercises help more than others). I usually drink a protein shake before and after.