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Active Recovery?


Does anyone here do active recovery? If so, what do you do? Light jog, foam roll, hot tub...? I've noticed that if I just lay around all day I stay sore and develop aches and pains, so I was wondering if anyone has experience with this?


Most of the time I dont do anything, during rugby season I'm doing training for that twice a week plus games, but I'm pretty much sore all the time.
Legs is the only bodypart that gets sore enough to bother me and I find I actually get less sore doing legs twice a week.
Last legs session I jogged home from the gym (for some reason I was feeling amazing that day, most of the time I just feel like sleeping after legs) its only about 1km, the weird thing was that I had such mild soreness in the days after. So there might be something in that, I remember an old coach used to encourage light jogging after games and that to stop soreness but I thought it was bullshit till now.


Normally I just go about doing my daily routines. Like walking around stores, laundry, ect... Just simply moving around at a steady none stressed pace always help me keep limber. For the really hard days on back I will use foam roller. Also I stretch out a lot everyday. I'm not one to sit around either always have to be up walking, or doing something.


Well I have a dumbbell thats like 15kg so I'l do a neural charge workout with it on my off days. Snatches, swings with body weight stuff. But yeah I mean if your "active" rather than lying around all day doing fuck all then your gonna recover better.


When I get to work I usually use a couple machines and do a set or two of low weight high rep sets. Sometimes I just grab a band and do the same thing.


I don't understand that. What do you mean by active because we may be thinking of different things? I don't see how being active on an off day would help recovery? If anything it would hinder it wouldn't it?


I think there's a line between 'active' meaning that you're actually doing work, and 'active' meaning that you're not just laying around doing nothing all day. I walk to my gym, and after particularly stressful leg sessions, I feel that the walking home (and then taking my pup out) just sort of gets the blood going and gets things healing. While I'm certain that a lot of it's just my mental perception, I'm sure there's science (although I don't know about any actual 'studies' per say) to back it up as well.



Yeah, I was going through Alpha's training log, and I saw he was running 5 or 6 miles as active recovery - but he's obviously a beast. I was curious if you guys did a TONED DOWN version of this lol


Well I mean since all these neural charge videos and information has been around, my performance in the gym and my energy levels have increased. Beginning of last year I never squatted heavy or deadlifted at all because of a disc in my back and after all the rehab and lay off Im squatting 3 times a week (HPM Program) and training everyday 7 x a week.

I think that active recovery has been the key to my growth lately. I mean Olympic lifters train something like 3 x a day!!!

Through my own experiance and info I have been seeing lately I believe that being "active" on an "off" day pumps the BLOOD throughout your body faster, delivering nutrients and so forth and actually decreasing soreness in my muscles.
I guess it comes down to personal preference but I highly recommend active recovery days.


On off days, I will often do pushups, band pull aparts, bodyweight squats, etc. It has helped me combat soreness and, to me it seems, stave off injuries.


ive been bored lately and dont really have anything to do during the day so i've been experimenting with just doing 25+ rep sets to get a good PUMP (no fatigue).

it's only been a couple days that i've done so but i cant see any reason why it would be counter productive... thoughts?

EDIT: also may be coincidence but i seem to have more energy/feel better/focus better throughout the day when i do that compared a "normal" day


word up! I"m going to start foam rolling and doing some pushups. Also, I've heard that doing ab work can strengthen your back, so it could be worth a shot...


I go super gently on the rower for 6-8 mins, then stretch intensly for 15 mins. Hardly ever get sore anymore. Also deload every 4th week.


Standing ab work with a focus on keeping your lower back tight and as straight as possible will strengthen your whole core...worked for me at least.


DF, what kind of ab work are you talking about specifically. There are billions of ab exercises, so what works for you exactly?


Not trying to sound cliched, but squatting heavy works my abs ridiculously.

As to abs specific, hanging leg raises, leg raises lying on a bench (with from hips down hanging off, legs straight), standing abs (on the tricep pressdown, hold the rope, butt against the machine, crunch down while keeping back straight), kneeling abs (on knees, grab pulldown rope, forehead to floor with straight back), ab wheel, etc.

Here are some videos and links of what I am talkin about.







Hope that helps.


thanks man


Personally, I always get a better workout the day after a solid rest. Unfortunately, being an endomorph, I always feel the need to get in at least 1/2 hour of some type of cardiovascular activity, so I suggest a 30-45 min walk on an incline. I am so sore, but that is what I'm about to do in a short while.