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Active Recovery: Your Thoughts?


Basically I want to know if you guys perform any type of active recovery to recuperate your muscles, like light-timed sets of DB presses for chest or any kind of direct exercise for the muscle you are trying to recover. Do you guys do it the day after training the given muscle (say chest)? or how long do you guys wait to do some active recovery for it (2 days, 3)?

Oh and how do you include it in your split schedule? Say if you trained back on Monday, do you do some active recovery for you back on Tuesday after you workout?



I see absolutely no reason to do this. The only thing I would even consider is maybe going for a light walk after a hard leg day.


I really like doing just the bar with a band and really good form followed by band pressdowns the day after I bench since its my off day. I cant really imagine finding the time for active recovery stuff on a regular basis if you are training hard 4 or 5 days a week, i’d just do it as nessecary.


Playing some sports, hiit cardio training, sled dragging, etc… will get you to your goals. Just be careful not to do too much volume and intensity off the bat if doing something other than sports.


I’m thinking of doing some vert jumps, explosive push-ups and the like, to see if it’ll get my numbers up… Other than that, I do some light cardio and sports throughout the week. Seems to help me stay lean while bulking, so WTH not.


light swimming if you feel the need


the only thing i think u shud do is maybe like a set of easy push ups the day after chest or maybe a light jog the day after legs but nothing nuts.


A lifter’s general warm-up & stretching should be adequate.


My training has come on leaps and bounds after starting to do a deload week once every 4 weeks.

Also 7-10 mins, very gentle on the rower or crosstrainer at the end of a workout cuts soreness right down for me


Wii fit!

On a serious note, walking about 40 mins each day to and from work, and then about 25-30 mins of incline walking if I want some exercise without losing strenght/energy for training…I wouldn’t do any ultra light stuff for the upper body.