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Active Recovery for Lifters?

Walking to get my daily 10k+ plus steps daily has been my thing for active recovery. Sometimes I’ll stretch and foam roll if I feel like it, but rarely do lol.

I thought about doing that but the closest gym with farmers is 30 mins away, too much driving for an easy workout.

I think I’ll just start running again, probably not an active recovery for most people but I competed for a decade before getting into lifting so it’s second nature now.

Somebody here posted DIY directions to make your own

I play soccer with friends. Very leasure, light running. It mixes well with weight lifting.

However when I used to play competitive, mixing it up with lifting was hell

A pair of “triceps bars” work very well. You can throw a strip of athletic tape around the center for “knurling” since it’s all smooth.


I did quite a bit of yoga for several years, and wish I still could but it’s hard to get there with a one-year-old son. Here’s a thread I wrote a couple years ago, when I was doing yoga much more frequently:


At first I didn’t like the idea of those bars. “Low pick height, small handle”

Then I remembered they’re for active recovery so those would be perfect

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