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Active Recovery for Conditioning

Im getting ready to move on the BBB in a couple weeks. Currently wrapping up my last 2 weeks of beginner prep. Now that i am going to factor in easy conditioning would doing the workouts from the active recovery section of Forever be a good start? Was thinking of those before work in the AM 3-5 days and lift at lunch. Or should i focus more on straight airdyne or weighted walks ect for easy conditioning?

I actually just reviewed that section last night. I too am starting to incorporate some light work in first thing in the morning after waking up. If I recall correctly, I think the book states that active recovery could be considered conditioning. I think it qualifies, especially the ones that involve a 50yd run/jog with pushups and other bodyweight stuff. My goal is more to use the low tech option outlined in that section as a warm up to do some static stretching (trying to loosen up tight hamstrings from sitting all day). I won’t be doing it 10-20 times as outlined, at least not initially, but I think even smaller sessions can pay dividends over time.

I don’t think it matters. You could do it all. Now that I think of it I might start combining stuff to break up the potential monotony. Like taking a shorter but heavier 15 min. weight vest walk, or bike ride to the park, doing the recovery circuit, shooting a few hoops, and then another 15 min weighted walk or bike ride home.

As long as your easy conditioning does not interfere with your recovery from lifting and/or hard conditioning I think you are fine.

Thats solid advice. Thanks

The Active Recovery stuff works INSANELY well provided you don’t turn it into a “all out workout”. One of the best things I’ve ever done was incorporate these into my training.

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