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Active Knee Rehab?


I just went to a rehab doc and he gave me a shot in each knee to strengthen a ligament on the outside of the knee cap. He told me to stay away from lifting heavy, which is what caused the problems, but also the stationary bike, so no knee heavy activity at all. I feel like there should be something I could do as active recovery, as I'll go insane doing nothing. Anyone have a suggestion?


Google turned this up............


Wow. Fast response. That's exactly what I'm getting from my doc. I guess rehab is out. Thanks, man.

Edit: I guess what's left to ask is how careful should I be with not putting stress on my knee? Can I return to martial arts?


Hell no! I don't know what style you do, but I can almost guarantee it will be FAR too much stress. Martial arts alone gives many knee problems. Maybe tai chi would be a goer...

For now, if I were you I'd settle for working my upper body and my uninjured leg.