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It seems about once a week or so, somebody
puts up a military specific post. "What is the best way to train for the PFT/PT test?", "What is a good workout for a soldier (marine, airman, sailor)?", "How do I train with limited time/equipment/nutrition?"

All of these are good questions that I have asked and answered on this forum. All of them do, and will come up often if you pay attention to this site. All of these are special issues with bodybuilding/strength changing/fitness that the majority of the population doesn't face or fully understand.

Reading these posts has gotten me curious. Who are you, where are you at, what do you do. What are some challenges (training and otherwise) you face and how do you overcome them? For all I know, I may be working out next to some of you and don't even know it.

I am hoping that this thread is as muxh about personality as it is training.

I am a Spc. in the Army, serving as a medic in the 1st Brigade, 1st ID,Ft Riley. I've been in the Army for 9 months. I was Marine Corps for 6 years, 1997 to 2003. I got out, didn't find a place in the civilian world, and got back in where I belong. Of course there are differences between the Army and the Corps, but it feels the same being in.

The qualities that make a good soldier make a good marine, and with any unit, you have your squared away guys and your shitheads. I hope I fall into the squared away category.

I was in Irag Jan-July '03, and I'm going back probally before Christmas this year. It will be a whole different story, now vs then. An invasion (liberation?) then versus a police action now. Before the scariest threat was NBC, now it is IEDs. Before, we where an overwhelming force, with a wide open ROE, now it will be limited what we have and what we can do.

It is good to be in. Despite the daily bullshit, on a massive scale, I love my job.

Well, I've rambled on long enough. I look forward to seeing what my fellow brothers in arms have to say.


I'm active duty Navy. Just graduated from Recruit Training Command (i.e. Boot Camp) about three weeks ago. I'm stationed at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, South Carolina. I'm an E-3 Nuke Machinist Mate.

Just started Nuke A-School this week in what is considered to be the most intellectually challenging program in the armed forces and I can already see why as my class and I have been putting an average of 12-15 hrs per day studying at school. It's hard work but I'm loving every minute of it!

I'll be here in South Carolina for about two more years (a-School is 3-6 months, Power School is 6 months and Prototype is 6-months) after which I expect to get stationed on a submarine and head out to sea!


I spent 4 years in the Marines. I got out on terminal leave 2 weeks ago and my eas is in about 2 weeks. I did my first 2 years with 2D Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company. I did my second 2 years with 2nd Battalion 5th Marines. Did a tour in Ramadi, Iraq, Sept '04 to March '05.

Not sure how much I really like the school thing yet. Huge amounts of reading and writing arn't my thing, but at least I can lift, eat and sleep whenever/however much I want. I figure I'll try out civilian life for a bit and if I don't like it, go for Navy EOD. I guess only time will tell.



I agree, I've found these threads pretty useful.
CombatMedic, why did you choose to come back into the army, was it because you wanted to be a medic?

I just completed 4yrs in the Marine Corps. Right now since I got the time and don't have to run anymore I'm bulking up. I'll be starting school soon, so I can hang out with hot college girls and to further my education of course.

In the summer I'm thinking of voluntering for active duty. I'm in the IRR anyway, so I'm going to see if I can do any ADSW work.



Go back, edit your posts, take out where you're stationed at least. Especially you Peyton, fuckin A, these forums are global.



I'm a Master Sergeant (E-7) Air Traffic Controller in the USAF. 19+ years down and looking at retirement and starting a new career. Very intimidating feeling for me.

Training challenges: The AF PT program. It's not entirely demanding, yet it is still way more running than I am interested in. It causes me minor setbacks in training due to shin splints and low back spasms. The test (run, push up, sit up, and waist measurement) is weighted: the run score is 50% of the total, the waist measurement = 30%, and push up/sit up are 10% each. I am no fat ass, but I could max the run (theoretically) and push up/sit up portions and still not get into the "excellent" category. As it is today, I only need to run 1.5 miles in 14:24 or less to get in the "good" category. Not too tough, but the run and waist are too heavily weighted IMO.

Generally, the AF has good facilities for training, even in deployed locations.



I'm a Tech. Sergeant (E-6) Aero Repair Craftsman (aircraft mech.) in the USAF with nine years in the service.

I would have to echo everything LA stated about the AF fit program. Too much emphasis on cardio and not enough on overall strength.

Currently working more hours per week than your average banker. Deployable to parts unknown. So, time and fatigue play a part hampering my workouts. I get them in when I can.


Elevationgain, All the info I gave concerning where I'm stationed , etc. can be found on a number of other public websites/chatrooms on the "global" web. You may want to edit YOUR post to take remove the nasty little name calling. We wouldn't want the rest of the world to think Americans are ignorant, name-calling children because as you well know.. these forums are "global".


Whatever dude, why risk further disclosure of who you are and what you're doing?

I don't want the rest of the world to know where our sailors recieve nuclear training, it's not everybody's business, hell it's not MY business. So if I ruffle the feathers of a boot fireman, so be it. Sometimes it takes a little tough love there fella. Is that better?

I'm sure you've recieved all the briefs, and know that you're in the wrong. Edit your post and you'll sleep better.



Fellow Navy nuke here (MM3 ELT USS Louisiana). Enjoy A-school while it lasts, power school and prototype are much worse. Don't worry about posting your info either. We have both been through the briefs and our upper chain could care less if people know where we train.


I guess you failed to read the part of my post where I stated all of the info I gave concerning where we get our training is public information and can be accesses through numerous PUBLIC websites, magazines, propaganda, etc.. I'm not "in the wrong" and I haven't disclosed any confidential information. Perhaps you should learn to read posts better and you should definitely aspire to gain more knowledge about the topics you're typing about prior to submitting immature posts.


Gianacakos, congratulations on getting ELT you must have done very well during training. I'm going to try for ELT if I can't get picked up for NFO through STA-21. Is the Louisianna sub or surface?


i am a lifer navy pilot and have flown both helicopters and fixed wing. i am getting close to retirement.

The PRT was easy when i was young but as i have gotten older, bigger, and stronger, it is not so easy. Still i get an outstanding only running 4-5 times a year. i max the pushups and situps(100 each, takes me a little over a minute on pushups and full 2 minutes on situps)then cruise on the 1.5 mile run.

Haven't missed many workouts over the years, but have worked out at all hours in all kinds of places. Actually have missed more competitions due to deployments than workouts. You can do it if you want to make time.


Its a sub. ELT is pretty much a popularity contest in prototype. If you are surface, DEFINITLY go ELT. Surface ELT's hardly ever work and get out by like 9 am.


[quote]CEZAR wrote:
I agree, I've found these threads pretty useful.
CombatMedic, why did you choose to come back into the army, was it because you wanted to be a medic?

I chose the Army this time around for a few reasons. First, I felt a calling to be a medic. I loved the Corps, but they have Navy Corpsmen. Nothing against the Navy, but it was not me. They couldn't promise me a slot working with Marines and I didn't want to be stuck on a ship wearing cracker jacks for four years.
I remember when I was in Iraq, living in tents and holes, stopping at an Army FOB and playing XBox in an air conditioned trailer with some soldiers. Sure, the Marines do more with less, but
I'd rather get the job done with more.


[quote]combatmedic wrote:
I am a Spc. in the Army, serving as a medic in the 1st Brigade, 1st ID,Ft Riley. [\quote]

no kidding? i was stationed at 2/70 Armor (11C) from '94 to '96 at Ft Riley. i got out and came to the Iowa National Guard, where i'm an infantry squad leader (SSG) and a police officer in civilian life.

my Guard unit is preparing for our 3rd deployment in 5 years right now....good times.

obviously, working out is a little easier for me now, since i don't have to balance my recovery time with PT. i did a lot of HIT while on active duty, simply because it didn't burn me out, and i gained strenght pretty consistently.

now i have to do more running in my routine,a nd find that sprinting and absolute training is more advantagous at work, chasing and fighting with people. however, injuries are comomon, so that's something i'm forced to train around now...


Cezar, where are you at now? I guess I took over where you left off in the DC T-Cell. I had thought of doing drilling reserve too, but I've always wanted to be a beach lifeguard for a summer and that 2 weeks would canc that shit. Where are you starting school at? I've been at it for 2 weeks now and I'm swamped with homework and there's no hot chicks in my room. Granted it's a community college...


I'm in Chicago right now helping the folks paint the house, I'll be on Phoenix in about week. Looking at attend ASU. Yeah I would do your lifeguard thing first, you got four years to do ADSW or switch to drilling reserves. If you like it you can sign a reserve contract in 09. That's my plan so far. I went to community college for my offduty education and know the crowd, older professionals and no chicks close to my age, let alone hot. But it was a better class I guess cause there were no distractions and everyone was serious about learning.


well im an A1C (E3) in the air force. and i was in good shape when i got out of bmt. but who isnt. then i let myself slide. i wanted to spend time with my wife and kids and didnt want to take the time to run or work out. i did that for about a year and a half. then i got sent to the Iraq. when i was over there we were stationed with the army. we worked right along side of them the whole time. and inspite of it being an army post. sorry guys but u do have some mickey mouse stuff. they had a really good gym to workout in. i got with some of my buddys and started lifting. i did it for 6m had a good sceduel. got pretty big. then i got home and like u said. had trouble with work and family and everything else. but i made myself keep going. ive been doing it for about 10m now with no prob.

then i got a new job in the armory. and we work mids every other month. so that put a damper on my gym time.

so i went to a sporting good store and got some dumbbells. and a bench. now when i cant go lift after work i go when i get home in my garage. and then i run with my wife for about 2 miles.

see im SECURITY FORCES so i dont have much time after work anyway. we work 15 hour days sometimes. so the bench and dumbells at home help out a great deal.


[quote]Peyton wrote:
I'm active duty Navy. Just graduated from Recruit Training Command (i.e. Boot Camp) about three weeks ago. I'm stationed at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, South Carolina. I'm an E-3 Nuke Machinist Mate.

two words: OPSEC,COMSEC