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Active Deloading


I wrote about this in my log but i wanted more eyes to come across this and more opinions. According to my notes, i've been going strong for the last 16 weeks. That was basically the last three weeks of wrestling season where i was injured and not going to wrestle anymore until now. I follow the Westside template and lift heavy and hard but i've never really bought into the deload idea.

I always feel like if i'm not in the gym, i'm getting weaker. But in the last 3 weeks i can feel my body screaming at me, especially during my ME work. So i know i need one. But i don't know what to do during a deload. Do i not train at all? Train something else? Increase the volume and drop the percentages? I'm open to anything here.


Everyone deloads differently. You can cut the volume, cut the load, or a little of both.

Personally, I cut my working sets in half, and drop the intensity to about 70-75% of my normal working weights. Follow that with a couple more easy movements, and get out of the gym. 2 or 3 days in the gym for the week.

The idea is to do just enough not to lose anything, but not so much that you don’t get a chance to recover.