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Activating Scapula Retractors Again

Hi so whatever corrective excercise i do i cant seem to feel my scapula muscles doing the work, for example like the excercise in this video.

Band Resisted “No Money” excercise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAds7ZVXQ7I

I only seem to feel the strain in my biceps and none in my upper back muscles atall.

Can anyone help, all answers will be greatly appreciated.


In that movement, and most band pull-aparts, it might help if you wrap the bands around your wrist in way so that you don’t have to grip it.

If you take your forearm out of it, if helps take the arms out of it and makes it easier to focus on the back

Have a look at CTs stuff on Power Holds, particularly the Overhead Band Pull aparts.

Man first things first… don’t worry, it is something that you can fix. But problem is sometime it can take quite a while depending on what is the underlying cause of your problem. It is almost certainly a combination of things so don’t rule anything out, for instance I had a similar problem and traced it back to having weak muscles in my hips, which threw out my spinal posture and prevented me from doing the same. It could also be weakness in your rotator cuffs or many other things. So the firs thing would be to go see a good physio or equivalent and figure out what is wrong, then just do the rehab exercises and get it sorted out. Then u will be better than new. hope that helps man