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Activating Muscle Protein Synthesis Everyday

Hey guys,

Been in the boards for a few weeks. I created a log where I note my progress on doing full body workouts daily.

Today I wanted to discuss muscle protein synthesis, from now on I’ll refer to it as mps.

For those who don’t know mps is the process by which your muscles grow and its activated post workout.

Several studies have shown that mps is maximized 24 hours post exercise, after which there is a quick drop off until it returns to baseline 36 hours post exercise.

Here’s one study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/8563679/

Doesn’t it make sense that if you want to gain muscle in a more rapid way you’d trigger mps every 24 hours?

I believe it does. Now how would you implement this?

Well you don’t have to do a full body workout if you don’t want to.

What I encourage people to do is keep doing whatever they’re current routine is.

But choose one lagging bodypart, choose 1 exercise, and do a couple sets(2-4) in the 8-12 rep range everyday or everytime you go to the gym.

Studies have shown that longer rest periods increase mps more than low rest periods. And multiple sets have been shown to increase mps more than just a single set.

Also, according to studies high reps or low reps trigger the same amount of mps as moderate reps(8-12 reps) only if they’re taken to failure.

However it’s better to stick to the 8-12 rep zone because you dont have to go to failure does allowing more training volume.

Here’s a guy that did incline press daily:

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence out there of someone doing an exercise daily and seeig greater gains because of it. How many people contribute their great backs to doing pull ups everyday on top of their regular routines? I know some.

Try it out and tell me how it goes for you!


yes, thanks for that guy who has been training for like 2 weeks.

This thread has been done 8 billion times already. Always ends badly.



If the best way to grow muscle was with “full body every day” or training a muscle group everytime your in the gym dont you think everyone would be doing it already?. Dont go pushing your stupid muscle protein synthesis bro science crap on other people.

From my limited understanding of things, unless you’re a genetic freak or a newb able to hit your whole body or most of it nearly every day, the only way is to use steroids.

I heard I can stimulate protein synthesis just by injesting 35 grams of protein. I’m eating 4 times a day over here!

You can activate muscle protein synthesis every day, but that doesn’t mean that your muscles are growing larger than they were before.

I’m sure you know that training causes muscle proteins to tear and break (on a microscopic level of course). A good portion of the muscle protein synthesis is spent recovering from your workout. Not all of it is pure gains.

This is true. Steroids enhance muscle protein synthesis so that you’re able to recover AND accumulate gains more quickly which is why people on steroids are able to train every day or every other day.

I have also heard this, and it makes sense that your body would turn on it’s muscle-building functions when it has protein to work with.

To OP: Overall, you technically aren’t wrong. Training does stimulate muscle protein synthesis. But you have to remember that some, if not most, of that mps is being used to recover from what you just did. So compounding that day after day would most likely lead to intense fatigue or overtraining if you did it for long enough

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Thanks for offering civil discussion. I’ve been doing a full body for a month and a half now with no signs of built up fatigue, in fact Im getting stronger and feeling good.

What you said is true, but if you can regulate volume, let’s say you take whatever you’re doing for back right now but instead of doing it 2x a week you’d spread it out everyday but the volume would remain the same.

It’s already been shown in studies that higher frequencies are better than lower frequencies.

One last thing, if you are doing certain exercises everyday, you’d get really good and efficient at doing those exercises and you’d be stronger because of it. Just look up Bulgarian Training.

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In fact Getting better at an exercise usually means more efficient which isn’t always the best situation in a stress/adapt situation like stimulating muscular gains.

A rank newb doing pull-ups every day and going from zero muscle to “some” is a very far cry from an intermediate lifter developing a world class physique.

I’ve worked with some very high level bodybuilders and often we’ve had to lower frequency to get movement on certain stubborn body parts.



All the information you noobs like to parrot is freely available on the internet. This is T-nation. The chances of you stumbling upon something new and supposedly “groundbreaking” that most of us haven’t read yet is rather slim. There is a reason why we don’t care for a lot of these things.

It would probably be in your best interests to ask why experienced lifters here do what they do instead of assuming everyone other than you is illiterate or don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand basic science.


Idk how using high level bodybuilders who take steroids which has been proven to increase muscle protein synthesis is a way to disprove my points?

High frequency is important for naturals, not steroid users

See, this is what I’m talking about. Why do you assume he does not take the use of steroids into consideration when he trains people? How ignorant do you think he is? The arrogance you are displaying is astounding.


Are you aware that @The_Mighty_Stu is a pro NATURALBodybuilder has a degree or two related to the field and has coach pro athletes? Going on a limb and probable guess he has actually forgotten more stuff than you have even learned yet. just wanted to drop that bit of info before you end up looking foolish or putting your foot in your mouth. maybe you should actually ask him questions.And not try and actually educate him.

Curiously how long have you actually been lifting? looking at your not long enough where you have any business acting like your an authority on shit.



FUCK ME… This Thread again!!


Looks like I ruffled some more feathers.

This is MY thread. I say what I want to say. Don’t like it? Leave.

Also, I’m sure stu can defend his own points, he doesnt need a parrot

If you want to refute my points, either do it reputably or just don’t even comment.

Everyone here except for a few just threw emotionally laden ad hominems.

You guys are more emotional than girls :joy:

I don’t think you know what a parrot is.

If you were able to infer this from my posts, which were simply stating basic logic, you are either projecting or you’re just a dishonest kid trying to take the high ground. I’m actually being generous since I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that it’s not due to a lack of reading comprehension.


Or what ? A little word of advice for you regarding T Nation forums, If you cant stand the heat stay the hell out of the Kitchen.

Do you think your as knowledgeable than he is? The man resume is at a point that he shouldn’t have to defend his point in the first place… at least not to you at any rate.

Again you didn’t mention your experience level… why would I need to get in a dick measuring contest with someone probably wasn’t even born when I picked up my first weight .

But… the whole flaw regarding high frequency of training regarding natural lifters is the recovery factor!
as already pointed out.
This includes more than just Muscle Tissue recovery… a few others are Nervous system and metabolic recovery

Actually …its called guys get tired of beginner Level guys whom have no actual hand on experience whom are too full of themselves .And want to regurgitate crap they have read online to make them sound more authentic …with out paying their dues.


@dlegend you seem highly flammable so best keep fire extinguishers handy.

Have a read of StrongerbyScience’s article “How We Grow: Anabolic Signaling Mechanisms, Part 1”.

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If MPS was the only factor involved in the cycle of exercise to super compensation, this would be correct, but it isn’t.


Yawn…rinse, repeat. Newbie signs on, reads a little bit for a few days maybe, decides nobody has yet stumbled onto “NEW BRILLIANT IDEA”, posts said new brilliant idea expecting kudos, admiration, perhaps even fame and fortune!


(the nutrition ones are even better than the lifting ones imo, haven’t gotten one of those in a while?)