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Actions speak louder than words.

Training log begins today. 11/04/09.

Will be posting DAILY workouts / intake (food log).

Measurements, Weight and Pictures will be posted shortly.

Weight: 210 lbs
Height: 5’11


Biceps (16")
Neck (16")
Waist (37")
Calves (17")
Thigh (26")
Chest (45")

I’d guess that my current body fat = 15%. (I’ll post pics and you can be the judge)

11/04/09 - Wednesday.
Carbs = 0
Calories = 0
Since I fasted. No workout today.

First day of Training Log:

I am fasting today. I have not had anything to eat. Over the past six months or so I’ve really let my diet go to shit. Hopefully today will remind me that if I want to eat, I need to start eating CLEAN and HEALTHY.

My diet plan will be similar to the Velocity Diet. I’m going to try to keep my carb intake as low as possible, while gorging on protein. I’ll primarily stick to protein shakes and veggies. I will not hesitate to mix in different selections of meat though for the sake of variety. (besides, what guy can stop eating meat completely? - not me). Fish, chicken, ect.

Above, next to the date, you will notice two numbers. Calories and carbs. With the diet I will be following I should be getting plenty of protein. I honestly don’t really care what the final number ends up being each day. I do however NEED to monitor my calorie intake as well as carb intake.

11/05/09 - Thursday
Carbs = 15g
Calories = 1250
Ran 1 mile. Studying for exam did countless pullups and pushups.

Will be going to my granmda’s for the weekend. I don’t get to see her much and she is getting old so I’m not going to turn down any of her great food this weekend. She just wouldn’t understand that at all. Will just have to eat smaller portions. Regular diet will continue when I return. (will only be there for 1.5 days).

I’m not going to have any cheat meals during the vast majority of this diet. So it is alright. I’m already feeling the effects of the low-carbs. Hell, I even feel like I’m losing weight and it has only been two days now. (Some of you might know what i’m talking about. for me atleast, when I’m losing weight I wouldn’t call it hungry… but there is just a feeling.) Try fasting for one day and then eat 15 carbs the next day you’ll see!