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Action Movie


guys, can someone recommend me a good movie to watch. I'm in such a mood, that right now I need a badass movie, full of fighting, blood, action, but it should not be too cheesy.
just don't tell me to watch one of the recent action movies, cause I need a classic.


I saw The Cave for the first time this weekend. I avoided it in the theaters because I thought it would suck. I liked it much more than I thought I would. There was a decent amount of testosterone that went into the writing and filming of it. I may watch it again tonight.


Conan The Barbarian (Ah-nold)
For a Few Dollars More (Clint Eastwood)
Rambo: First Blood (Stallone)
Alien (Sigourny Weaver)


Best of the Best.

(Especially the part where the guys practice with the in-your-face camera setting. That could be your mug getting kicked. Always keeps me respectful.)

Any Bruce Lee movie. His last one with Kareem Abdul Jabar was cool. :slight_smile:


Forgot ...



I would fall asleep on Conan if I watched it now. Aliens, however, is probably one of most classic horror movies ever made and is good any time.


Some aren't classics but I like the following:

Ong-bak: Muay Thai Warrior - good action and great fighting scenes

The Punisher - the main character actually got into really good shape for the movie,plus there are a bunch of guns and killing

Bruce Lee movies - just in general good action

Rocky movies - yo adrian!!!

Predator, predator vs. alien, predator II - just gory killing

End of days - I just like it

Try punisher though. Makes me want to go out and shoot some bad guys everytime I watch it.


Hard-Boiled. Directed by John Woo and subtitled in english.

I think there might be some slight cheese to it, but there were some great action scenes.


OK, thanks.


You should see Tom Yum Goong.. his second movie.. its even better.. the fights scenes are incredible.. if you remember that insanely huge bloke from troy.. the one brad pitt kills in the first scene... well the final fight scene in this movie is between that bloke and tony jaa... trust me.. its mindblowing!



Check out Boondock Saints. It was a complete flop in the theatres but now on dvd it has spread like wildfire due to word of mouth and the internet. A cult classic badass movie.


True Romance


Con Air
The Rock

Those 3 came out I think within the same year (or close) and in terms of pure action have not been topped . . . but I haven't given it much thought. Well maybe not The Rock so much.

But yeah the scenes in Con Air beginning with Cage talking to his dying friend are probably the most adrenaline-producing 60 seconds in movie history:

Friend: "I just keeping thinking like there's no God . . . like he don't exist"
-Cage gets up
Friend: "Hey where you going?"
Cage: "I'm gonna show you Got does exist"
He then proceeds to whoop ass while the plane gets shot with lots of gunfire and yelling and shit.


Have to mention:
Die Hard - any of them