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Action films on DVD

Hey folks, FYI: The current issue of Premiere magazine (February 2003), has a great feature on “Daredevil”. And yes, current “It” girl, Jennifer Garner is on the cover (along with Ben Affleck as Daredevil). However, the back of this issue has something of value: A list of “The 100 Best Action Movies on DVD”. When you see this list, don’t do what I did. Go all ballistic when you see “Independence Day” listed at #42 - ahead of “Seven Samurai” (#74), “Lethal Weapon” (#48) and “Predator” (#62). I then realized this list is alpha according to title. (like…“d’oh”). Nevertheless, if you so desire to improve your action flick DVD collection (like I do), GET this issue. A definite must have.

Just a wee public service announcement for my fellow T-Men/Women :-)

Id have to say that the Bruce Lee movies were my all time favorite fighting movies. I was wondering if you could give me your rating for the movie ‘Nightbreed’ by Clive Barker if you’ve seen it. You seem to know everything about movies :slight_smile:

Ramone: You know, I’ve never seen it. The only two Clive Barker movies I’ve seen: Hellraiser and The Lord of Illusions. Hellraiser is one of my favorite horror flicks. The Lord of Illusions is not. The reason I haven’t seen Nightbreed is just due to the fact it looked like I wouldn’t like it and had absolutely no curiosity over it. So I avoided it. And haven’t given it a second thought since.

Hellraiser is probably going to be Clive's best. That movie messed me up. Loved it. Just so perfect in "creepy tone". I saw it again a couple of years ago, and age has not diminished that creepiness. Hmmmm, makes me wanna check out "Candyman" too. Haven't seen that yet.

Well theres 4 other Hellraisers if your interested, the newest one being my favorite.Candy man, I would have to say was terrible! And I think they made not one, but two sequals to it. After reading Cabal by Clive, I knew I had to see Nightbreed(Cabal)reguardless of its quality.

BTW sorry for spelling your name wrong :slight_smile: