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ACTH All Time Low, Going Off TRT (4 Months Test). Low Energy


Hello Guys
How can i increase acth Long term?
I have TRT aborted, since under testosterone the ACTH was at 3.6 (ref 10-50!) Thus also dhea and cortisol is always further down.
Now after 4 weeks off is my acth on 6.
Befor TRT it whas whas 6(ref 8-10 to 50)

TRT did not bring me energy technically. I could train 5x week, but was always tired,have low energy and Brain Fog.

I have already tried everything from caffeine(rise acth and cortisol 2 points up for 2-3 hours) to ginseng(rise acth for 1 day,but after week crash down under the range)

My Life quality ist low,its like a adrenal deficit but higher :frowning:
I have a microadenoma on the pituitary and have a lot of test like a ACTH stimulation test and adrenal test.
Under the test,when i have a injection whit ACTH the adrenal work fine,but.
Its look like a seconder pitatury problem ,but how to live whit it?
Dr.have no answer,becos its not sooo low
i have cortisiol IN the range (down end)and acth whas IN the rang or shorty under,but when taking HC ACTH whas falling down .
… Someone a similar problem?


Now after 4-5 weeks my testo total whas 5.6(ref2.1-9.0) and lh 3.1
But acth whas still on the range of 6(ref 10-50)
And shbg 61!
Now i know:
My free test ist all time low.dont metter ON or OFF becose my shbg whas all time high.
Why ?dont know.All blood test whas done.
I eat carbs too now.
Second problem whas Acth/dhea/corti
A lot o hormons and neuro brain chmical fuction need middle acth/dhea/cort range to work god.

Trt cant work god,when Acth whas low or falling under exogen hormon like Testosteron.

Looks like the system(my)dont like testostestetone or dhea :frowning:
Thats all news/infos in my story.
In the moment i lost pounds,energy is low and feel all my old injury/dameges(elbow,back,schoulder pain)
But i have mornig wood i feel ok…like a 40 year old men.