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ACSM Personal Trainer Certification

Anyone in here ACSM certified?

I was just wondering how hard did you think the exam was and how much studying you put into it. Also which topics you thought were the hardest.

I was thinking about getting certified, most likely ACSM, since it’s pretty much the gold standard in Personal training. I heard about world gym offering good pay for ACSM certified trainers, so thats why I’m looking to do it. I’ll probably go talk to them soon, and see what real figures are.

Good pay for a college student anyhow.

I am an ACSM Health / Fitness Instructor. They didn’t have the personal traininer certification back when I took the test.


[quote]TPC wrote:

Same here, the HFI was pretty tough. Some pretty stupid, off the wall questions on there too. Overall a decent test though.

The personal trainer test is going to have a heavy VO2 max type slant, though you’ll obviously want to ask someone who’s taken the test. A prof of mine helped write it though and told me that was the case.

With the weights, it’s 1 set of 10-15 per bodypart, as it has been for the last 40 years…


Well I’m thinking about taking the test as soon as I finish my fitness and appraisal class. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too hard.

During the HFI test, did they give you metabolic equations and/or other equations you have to use?