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I know how most people feel about certifications, believe me - but I do think it does show that you at least have a base of knowledge. I also plan to take the NSCA CSCS later this year.

Has anyone else taken the ACSM HFI? For now I’m just wondering how many hours everyone else spent preparing and studying for the HFI. (It is hard to judge where you are when the personal trainers, HFI, and Exercise Physiologists all use the same review materials.)

I’ve been meaning to take it. The school I was going to had a coupon code to be able to take the test for like $150. But between moving cross-country and trying to find a job to support myself, I wasn’t able to take the test during the timeframe I could use the coupon code. Now its probably like $400 or more to take it - I know, I’m retarded.

Send me a PM and I’ll let you know some more specifics that I know are covered heavily on the exam. I’m too tired to think of them now though.