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Hi everybody, I'm new here. I'm 23 years old and from the suburbs of philadelphia in new jersey. I discovered this site a couple months ago and have been reading every article, training log, and forum bug since. I've been lifting weights now for 3 years and a couple months.

I've built a pretty decent physique i think, but all ive really done is "lift" weights. I'm decently strong, but i'd like to get a lot stronger. I've been reading a lot about powerlifting recently and I pretty much caught the bug. I purchased Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 seoond edition and have been threw a couple times this past week. I like the ooncept so I'll give it a try. Tomorrow July 1st, I'll be starting training. My goal is to compete in powerlifting events by next spring.

Here are a couple stats for me:
Height- 5'11
Weight- 186lbs as of this morning
1RM as of 6/30/13 (tested thursday and friday of last week):
Squat-325lbs (first time using a wider powerlifting stance, got about a rep and a half)
Bench- 305lbs
Standing OHP-180lbs

When I tested squat and ohp i was on about two hours of sleep and worked a full day and hit the gym around 7pm. probably could've done a lil more in both lifts, but I'll stick with these numbers for those lifts. Also, all the lifts I completed raw, no belt, no straps, no wraps. Just chalk.

Diet wise I eat pretty clean. I cut down to 181 lbs on June 21st from 200-205 at the start of April. After a careless weekend im currently around 185-187lbs on a fairly low carb diet. I want to stay around 185lbs until September, then I'll slowly starting gaining weight to a hopefully lean 200ish lbs. I'd like to compete in the 198lb class.

I'm going to follow the Simplest Strength Template as described in the book. Monday will be OHP, Tues- DL, Thurs- Bench, Friday- Squat. I'll do abs twice a week and cardio/conditioning 3 times a week.
Tomorrow's Ohp routine looks something like this:
OHP- 5*65%, 5*75%, 5*85%
Close Grip Bench- 10*50%, 10*60%,10*70%
Barbell Row
Rear lat
tri pressdown
barbell curl

I'm not too sure what i'll do for the last four assistance exercises set/rep/weight wise, maybe 5x10 but that seems like a little too much volume.

I'm glad to now be apart of T-Nation and look forward to hearing from everybody. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


heres what i looked like 3 years ago at 170lbs



and heres me at 181lbs bout a week ago





First day of 5/3/1 in the books. A long ass day sums it up. I did a 1.5 mile run probably within a half hour of waking. I normally do not do really any type of cardio, so these runs 3x a week i really have to work. Getting to the gym, easy, running…not so much. Then i slaved away all day at work digging and lifting, digging and lifting. I was beat. Got home and drank my drank and then off to the gym.

5/3/1 Week 1:
8am: 1.5 run
845ish pm: arrived at gym

Overhead Press: 165lb max
110lbs5, 125lbs5, 145lbs*7

Close Grip Bench: guesstimated 255lb 1RM
130lbs10, 155lbs10, 180lbs*10

Barbell Row: guesstimated 245lb 1RM
170lbs10, 150lbs15, 125lbs*20

Rear Delt cable flye(idk the name, i stand hold two cables criss cross at eye level in front of me and pull apart)
4s*12r at 17.5lbs

Triceps Pressdown: 5x10
57.5lbs102, 67.5lbs102, 77.5lbs*10

Barbell Curl: 5x10
60lbs102, 70lbs102, 80lbs*8

Overall a pretty decent workout. I was in the gym for just about an hour. I didn’t include warm ups. Used about a 2min rest for the OHP, 1.5min rest for Close grip bench(too much for this week i think), and 30-45sec rest for the rest of the assistance exercises. Also, as Jim states in the book, I did pullups in between every pressing set. I’m not inlcuding what I eat or supplements I take right now in the log because I don’t plan on gaining weight until September. I’ll be eating my normal maintenance diet until then. But as for supplements I currently take daily are whey, powder bcaa’s, capsule glutamine, and a multi. Tomorrows deadlifts(: now I need to get some rest because my backs going to be sore from digging and lifting dirt all day.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!


5/3/1 Week 1, Day 2-Deadlifts

Woke up this morning and was hella sore from yesterday. I got to the gym later than I wanted, but I still had a good workout.

Deadlift Max-360

235lbs5(65%), 270lbs5(75%) 310lbs*12(85%)

Front Squat: guesstimated 205lb 1RM
95lbs10(50%), 155lbs10(60%), 130lbs*10(70%)

Lying Leg Curls: 5x10
80lbs10, 95lbs10, 110lbs10, 125lbs10, 140lbs5+3, 110lbs10

Reverse Extension Machine: 4x10(I hate this machine, skipped a set)
205lbs103, 225lbs*10

Abs: Circuit Performed twice
Weighted Sit ups(plate behind head)- 25lbs10(too much weight), 10lbs10
Hanging Leg Raises- 10
Side Bends- 75lb db, 20per side
Ab Roller- Zero, its missing

Overall a pretty good workout. In and out the gym in an hour, loving this time, before my workouts took 1.5 2hours. My 310lb deadlift set was weird, the bar kept swaying back to the left as if one side was lighter, I’ve never had that happen before, probably could’ve gotten another rep or two, still happy because my previous best was 315lbs8(using weightreps*.0333+weight=398.xlbs) the 310*12 equates to 433.xlbs using the 1rm formula.


5/3/1 Week 1 Day 4-Squats

Feeling rough from the 4th, weighed 183lbs, tons of food and beer yesterday

Squats Max: 295

195lbs5, 225lbs5, 255lbs*9

Straight Leg Deadlift:
115lbs10, 140lbs10, 165lbs*10

Standing Leg Curl: 5x10
30lbs10, 40lbs10, 50lbs102, 60lbs*10

Good Mornings:
50lbs10, 60lbs10, 70lbs102, 80lbs*10

AB Circuit: Performed Twice
Weighted Sit-Ups:
10lbs 10
Hanging Leg Raises
Side Bends:
75lbs*20per side

Work out was a little rough from the alcohol consumption from the night before. Last night was rough from me in general, and my head wasn’t really in the gym. All the weights felt heavy. Felt good though once i got home and relaxed.


Hmm for some reason my 3rd day bench notes didnt post. Cant remember all the details, but my 5+set i did 230lbs*9, also ran 1.5miles in the morning.


What a rough 4th of July weekend. Too much booze and bbq! Body felt like a wreckk yesterday. Took my girl out to dinner and decided to finish off the weekend with a cannoli and vanilla/chocolate sorbet dipped in dark chocolate. Back to eating clean starting today.

Weighed in at 189lbs this morning.

5/3/1 Week 2 Day 1:

Overhead press Max: 165lbs

9am: 2 mile run

10:30am: gym

Overhead Press:
120lbs3, 135lbs3, 150lbs*6
(wide grip pull ups *6 in between each set)

Close Grip Bench Press:
155lbs8, 180lbs8, 205lbs*8
(wide grip pull ups *8 in between each set)

Barbell Row:
170lbs10, 150lbs15, 125lbs*20

Rear Delt DB:

Tri Pressdowns: 5x10
57.5lbs10, 67.5lbs310, 77.5lbs9

Barbell Curl: 5x10
60lbs10, 70lbs310, 80lbs8

Back felt a little funky waking up today, was a bit tired heading into the gym. The 150lb OHP felt pretty heavy from being tired, Didn’t really get in the zone until the barbell rows. Still a pretty decent workout today, session took jus over an hour. Looking forward to them deadlifts tomorrow


Decided to count calories and shizz for the fun of it, this is pretty much what i consume everyday, sometimes a lil more sometimes a lil less, but this is the average:

4XL Eggs- 320 calories, 20g fat, 28g protein
1/4 cup steel cut oats- 150 calories, 2.5g fat, 27g carbs, 4g protein
(1 slice american cheese when I eat omeletes or Scrambled eggs-96 calories, 7g fat, 2g carbs, 5g protein)

Meal 2:
Tuna Fish(1 can, 2.5 servings)- 150calories, 0g fat, 0g carbs, 32.5g protein
1 cup mixed veggies- 40calories, 8g carbs, 1g protein

Meal 3:
8oz chicken(2 servings)- 200calories, 2g fat, 44g protein
1cup mixed veggies- 40calories, 8g, carbs, 1g protein
1/2cup brown rice- 150calories, 1.5g fat, 34g carbs, 3g protein

Meal 4:
6 pieces celery-didnt have nutrional info on bag, and various online sites greatly differ, but all prettyh much insignigicant for nutrional info
3 TB natty peanut butter- 277.5 calories, 24g fat, 10.5g carbs, 12g protein

Meal 5:
1/2 cup cottage cheese- 90calories, 1g fat, 4g carbs, 16g protein
1/4 serving whey- 52calories, .25g fat, 12.5g protein

PWO Shake- 210calories, 1g fat, 50g protein.

1777.5 calories, 59.25g fat, 93.5g carbs, 209g protein

meals 2, 3, 4 are usually in various orders, usually meal 4 1st, then meal 3, then meal 2, sometimes i change em for variety, but the brown rice will usually be in meals 2 or 3. This has been pretty much my diet since june 1st, although on june 12 i did just meat and eggs until june 21st, back to this diet afterwards. I’ll probably keep this until september, its been working good so far maintaining around 180lbs. I know absolutely nothing about macros/mircos all that crazy stuff, anybody have input?


ok so my log i did for yesterday didnt post…again…cant remember all the details or find my paper which i had everything written down on…

5/3/1 week 2 day 2: Deadlifts

Deadlift max: 360

255lbs3, 290lbs3, 325lbs*15(PR)

Front Squat:
125lbs8, 145lbs8, 165lbs*6

Lying Leg Curls: 5x10
110lbs10, 125lbs210, 125lbs8( 2) 140lbs*9( 1)

Reverse Extension Machine:
19010, 205310, 220lbs10

Ab circuit: performed twice
Weighted Sit Ups-10lbs10
Hanging Leg Raises
Side Bends 75lbs*20 per side

notes- 8( 2) means 8 reps, rest pause 2 reps…205310n means 205lbs for 3 sets of 10 reps


I’ve been extremely busy past two weeks working and summer college courses, haven’t had a chance to update this log, I’m still hitting the gym though, can never miss a workout!

Started second month of 5/3/1

29Jul13, OHP Max-170lbs, body weight 186.x lbs
OHP-1155, 1305, 1458(rep pr)
close grip bench press: 260 max-130
10, 15510, 18510
barbell row: 250lbmax- 10010, 12510, 1608, 1858, 2108
rear delts 5
tri pressdown 510
barbell curl 5

30Jul13 Deadlift max- 370lbs, bw 184.xlbs
Deadlift- 2455, 2805, 31518(rep pr)
Front Squat: 215 max- 110
10, 13010, 15010
lying leg curls-510
back ext machine-5
ab circuit 4:
25lb plate sit ups
10, hanging leg raise10, side bends 75lbs20per side

1Aug13 Bench Max-280lbs- bw 186.x lbs
Bench- 1855, 2105, 2409(rep pr)
Incline Bench: 235lbs max- 115
10, 14010, 16010
cable row: 235lb max- 140102, 165102, 19010
face pull-5
dips-510, bw10, bw+25lbs102, bw+45lbs7, bw+45lbs7(+3)
incline db curl-5*10

Feeling great in the gym this week so far, my job has been light this week so I haven’t been that beat up by the time i get to the gym, so far hit a rep pr on the main lifts, squats on saturday. Not too happy about my weight. Last two weeks ive been 179-181lbs steady. I drank a little this weekend(seriously just a little, maybe 5 drinks thurs-monday). This week ive been around 184-186lbs, not too happy, diets been the same, although I’ve been constipated last three days so its probably that, hoping atleast. I’m thinking of entering a powerlifting meet in september, I’d like to make the 181lb class, keeping weight below 185lbs is tough for me, very possible, but tough.
102 means 10reps * 2 sets

Feedback appreciated!!


heres the video from my meet on 1/25/14
RPS 2014 NJ State Championships

Squat-325(or330), 365, 390(miss)
Bench-275, 290(meet pr), 310(2 Reds)
Deadlift-425,465(meet pr), 500 (miss)

I have a lot of work to do for squats still, I really need to work on staying tight and tweaking my form, hip strength too.
I wish I could post my training on here more often, check out my instagram @CarlisiLifts for my daily training videos and pics. I track my stuff on instagram for the simplicity of uploading.


Good work man, you were so close on that 500 lb DL