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Acronym Glossary


I just came up with a random thought (not sure if its alredy a sticky).. one thing i have noticed with the majority of the articles here, is that lots of acronyms are used in place of the actual words; pct,eod,pip ect ect...it took me some time through research to figure out alot of the meanings, so i figured why not start a thread with all the acronyms and their meanings for all new to the site/to better assist any guys looking to "take the plunge" and are doing thorough research before doing so..i know i wouldve appreciated it in the beginning.. thoughts??!!


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PCT - Put Creatine in Trousers: Essential post-cycle practice to keep your gains

PIP - Put In Pooper: Guarantees maximum absorption of orals like dbol, drol etc

EOD - Eat Or Die: 'Nuff said

ED - Eat Daily: Self explanatory too

AI - Artificial Intelligence: Fucking TERRIBLE movie with Jude Law and that annoying kid from the 6th Sense.


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Somebody give this guy some real answers you dick munchers:
PCT- post cycle therapy
PIP- picture in picture
EOD- Eating outside daily
ED- erectile disfunction
AI- anal injection


Here is the problem with AAS and the internet:
Too many people try to unnecessarily simplify what people do. If you don't know what it means, you'll just learn little by little like everyone else. No one NEEDS a compiled list of the Ug language. Next you'll wanna compile a list of connects.


LMFAO! I actually cried at that movie... Fucking teddy bear. ..


1. You should be doing the research. If you can't take the time to do the research then you shouldn't be considering steroids.
2. Most of the acronyms are easy to figure out when taken in context. If you can't figure that ED means every day then I don't think steroids are what you need. Lack of intelligence can't be fixed with steroids. They help build muscles not brains.


This would be really useful If I had huffed paint for a few years before using instead of doing research
All that time wasted
what a shame


An acronym is when abbreviations spell something, not just abbreviations.


What the fuck are you talking about?

I suggest you google acronym.

Or try this http://lmgtfy.com/?q=acronym