Acromional-Clavicular Bone Area Tender/Sore

I was benching yesterday at 70%, and midway through my third set my right shoulder shifted a bit painfully. Hours after my set and throughout today that shoulder has been sore to move, but it is the bone itself that feels sore. I think maybe my bench weight had shifted and ended up balancing on my shoulder bone itself, bruising the bone. Has anyone had any experience with injuring their shoulder bone before?

I am guessing you mean the acromioclavicular ligament? If the clavicle is coming up a bit, it means the ligament is torn, otherwise it’s probably sprained. Might be worth to get your scapular/shoulder mobility and stability checked out by a physical therapist.

I had something similar several years ago. As Odin338 suggests, the clavicle is raised and is slightly sensitive to touch. I assume this was a sprain as it was a constant niggle rather than outright pain. I had ART on my shoulder, which helped generally but the truth is it took almost 6 months to totally disappear. Needless to say, rest is the best cure. I tried to train around it for a while and I’m sure this delayed my healing.