Five years ago I had a tumerous pituitary gland operated on due to an advanced stage of acromegaly. During my previous BB days, the only supplement I took was Hardbody Gainer 3600. My instinct is telling me that the acromegally was caused by some fubar shit they put in the powder… Has this happened to anyone else after taking over-the-counter supplements? Has any of you not experienced side-effects from this supplement?

you can’t get acromegaly from supplements. pituitary tumor could have caused increase in gh output leading to it.

kinda like steroids don’t cause brain tumours. right?

Swedish Steel, I hate it for you that this happened. However, you are looking for the wrong smoking gun. There is not evidence anywhere that tons of sugar mixed with cheap protein can cause pituitary tumors. Also, there is not evidence that steriods cause brain tumors for that matter. At best, testosterone could speed the growth of an existing tumor. Bottom line, get well and get past it. You will probably never know the true oringinating factor, and obsessing over it or trying to assign blame is not going to benefit you. Take care and I wish you the best.