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This tells you about all you need to know about ACORN

They're more interested in going after the people who exposed their facilitation of the kidnapping, trafficking, and sexual slavery of young immigrant girls rather than cleaning up their act. Where are the cops? Why aren't these people sitting in jail rather than arming themselves with bottom-feeding attorneys?

How can a group that violates the civil rights of people be called a "civil rights group?" Doesn't that violate the law of noncontradiction?


You didn't notice what part of the political spectrum they belong to?

It was completely predictable that ACORN would face no legal jeopardy, but that their exposers would. In fact it was predicted: on a local talk show, in the very first few days of this happening, I recall a caller predicting it.


how the hell can they sue for being shown up like that?


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Sueing is as American as the Constitution, the Flag and Apple Pie

So...are you guys now saying that ACORN is "All-American"???



It's pretty amazing to map out the ties to ACORN and generally where money comes from for groups like these. This article was pretty revealing.

Always, always, always follow the money:


Thanks. Favorite movie. Bruce Campbell is teh man.



I'm more wondering what Saul Alinsky would do if sued by the opposition. O'Keefe seems much more familiar with his doctrine than me, so surely he anticipated this outcome and has planned accordingly. It's a chess match he's playing with very dumb people, if the video evidence is any indicator.


I think I have about 7 copies between VHS and DVD with various "Collector's Editions" and whatnot.


Interesting that Hilda Solis has no qualms about working with a group that helps sell her daughters. The US gets more Latin American every day.


Maybe, just maybe my guys can hold 'em off. Yeah, and maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot....


We can take these Deadites. We can take 'em - with science!


Let them sue, and now you can depose all sorts of documents and info that ACORN would love to keep hidden. When I sought legal action against the Federal Bureau of Prisons and subpoenad all sorts of documents and they refused or were unable, my attorney was licking his chops. ACORN would just further open up their wound should they go to court I think.


The Squirrliness of ACORN: