doctor just prescribed: avita gel, cliocin tablets (i can’t read his writing), and dynacin …all for my acne. I want something that doesn’t affect my liver, so i’m guessing tablets would be out. Anyone use anything that helps with their face/back acnes?

check out Guggulsterones

60 000 IU Vitamin A

10 grams Pantothenic Acid[B5]

75 milligrams Zinc

Divide into 3-4 equal dosages throughout the day.

If within 3 weeks it doesnt make you a pretty boy, I’ll give you your money back.

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Sewerhooker, is the idea to try to mimic Acutane?

I’d agree with the B-5 also.
There is an effective acne regeime using only benzol peroxide and moisteriser which has been really effective for a lot of people and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, check out for the whole regeime.

Accutane is derived from Vit-A. The dosage I suggested is very weak in comparison, so it will not produce any negative side effects. Although the dosage is low, you will definitely benefit to add to this ‘cocktail’.

The main difference I’ve read about using Vit-A instead of accutane is that its effects arent permanent. In other words your acne will come back after you stop the treatment.

Use good judgment. You know your skin better than anyone else.

IF you only have very mild acne you dont have to stay on this year round, you might just want to clear up a few blemishes or get rid of the oiliness for a New Year’s party!

Or you can safely stay on this year round if you have moderate acne.

Either way, do yourselves a favor and use the full dosage while you are on instead of using ‘half dosages’ daily. It does require quite a bit initially to get in your system. [Think of it as a loading phase] And secondly stop using topical drying agents. Your skin wont secrete as much oil when taking these vitamins/mineral so it might do you more harm than good. Thirdly, only wash your face with a mild product like Cetaphil. Using regular soap on your face is one of the worst things you can do if you have problem skin.

I took Vitamin A, and B5 like Sewerhooker suggests, but I added E. My family is notorious about having bad acne, and in a month or so everyone was impressed with the improvements in my skin.

I used 100000 IU vitamin A, 60mg Zinc, 800 IU Vitamin E, and LOTS of facial moisturizer. Use some other moisturizer on your body skin since you WILL get dry skin with my anti-acne stack. Jojoba oil is good for a protectorant. I only had a few blemishes which are completely gone now.

also agrees with Sewerhooker about b5, but i heard it takes forever to work but it is extremely effective once it does.