Acne Weirdly Went Away After I Stopped Rotating Injection Sites

Ive been having acne issues since switching to Insulin Pins. and had no Idea why.
I inject 30 mg EOD, and rotate Shoulders and Ventroglutes. I started suspecting that maybe it had to do with my shoulder injections going sub Q, unintentionally due to there being more fat content in that region vs my Ventroglutes. So rather than inject shoulders, I started rotating different ares in my ventroglute: Left front VG, right front VG, left rear VG and right rear VG.

Anyone have any similar experience?? Do different injection sites yield different absorption rates?

Following this.

I’ve just started to suspect my quad injection absorbs better than my delts.

Thought I was imagining it- but it seems repeatable. Was going to post on my log about it but will chime in here.

Thanks for posting about this!

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Yep, ever since I went to VG I havent had any acne. Interesting observation.

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I believe you rotating sites gives you different absorbing rates causing steep peaks and trough which trigger acne. Now that you use same area your hormones are more stable.

What made you suspect this?

I seem to get more symptom resolution with deeper quad injections than IM shoulders.

I thought I was coincidence for a bit but there seems to be a pattern appearing with it.


How much you absorb, the T and E levels you actually get, depends on which muscle you do inject. yes.

Can you be more specific? Are there any official studies of this?

Oh yes, plenty. Check out this video with victor black, he goes thru the basics here:

As you can see, big difference in peak-levels depending on ester and where you inject. This can make a tremendous difference in subjective well being etc, ofcourse. Some might get higher/lower libido in ass than delts or vise versa, same goes with aggressiveness, mood, etc etc. All about finding out your best individual spot.

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Can anyone summarise the site part of that video? Genuinely haven’t got half an hour to watch it!

Vigorous Steve has a video breaking down different oils and their absorption rates as well. Some work better IM, some meant to be very slow. Pretty interesting

That was a great watch, waaaay more detail than I expected. The 3D models help understand difference in IM and SQ