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Acne, TRT, and Diet

I have been reading numerous studies relating acne to diet. It has been observed that societies (multiple) who eat a non-western diet (low glycemic foods/ideal omega6:3 ratio) display 0, yes 0, cases of acne, compared to americans.

With this link between diet and acne being displayed, and much success with people online making the lifestyle change, would this work for TRT induced acne?

Has anyone here had any luck with Zinc/Omega3/diet changing factors that has made a drastic improvement to their TRT acne?

I’ve been wanting to try this myself, although I can’t build the courage due to doubt that this strong change in diet staying optimal with exogenous hormones at play.

If anyone has any dietary/supplementation besides antibiotics or accutane that has drastically improved their skin, such as Paleo (ideal for acne) or Keto, LCHF, feel free to share your own anecdotal experience!

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