Acne Sticking Around 6 Months After PCT?

Looking for some advice. My bloods have returned to normal from before my first cycle but I still am dealing with acne even on accutane. How long did it take you guys for your acne to go away after the first cycle?

we’re you already on accutane before the cycle?

Are you from the UK? They have a prescription antibiotic called lymecycline that is nowhere near as harmful as accutane. It can be used for 6+ months with no sides, just a few weeks is normally enough time on it though, it worked amazingly for me.

No. I’ve been on it for 3 months after pct. it’s helped but I’m still getting spots. Does it eventually end?

Been on accutane before and it worked wonders. Just was wondering when acne from test subsided after a cycle

I was asking bc I was wondering if you have a history with acne. I didn’t notice any acne during my PCT. Any pimples were minor and seemed typical. Wish I could help you more, but I guess it might be helpful to know that everyone doesnt necessarily get it and you might feel inclined to get a doctor’s opinion if it persists.

I do and was on accutane as a ten

Anyone give me more advice into this?