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Acne Scars

I got some(okay alot) of Acne scars on my chest and shoulders, mainly from when I was in High School lifting(or attempting to haha) and I didn’t have the best of hygiene and got alot acne and ya alot of it led to scaring on the back of my shoulders and chest area.

Any ideas on ways to get rid of it? Or make it less noticeable?

Get a knife and turn them into knife scars.

[quote]csulli wrote:
Get a knife and turn them into knife scars.[/quote]


A tan makes everything skin-related look better.

I’d say the only real treatment for this would be to use Laser to remove the scars. May be expensive but I do know of people who have done it with great results.

You could try and use some cream that makes them less noticeable.

There is some type of lipid/cream that is getting attention for its ability to remove or lessen stretch marks, so I imagine that would be similarly helpful. Unfortunately I have no idea what its called specifically, I’ve heard brand names like “bio oil” or some shit like that.

I know vitamin E cream can help with healing acne scarring, but I’m not sure if it would help at your stage where you’ve probably well and truly had the scar tissue for a long time.