Acne Problems

After coming off my last cycle I came down with some pretty severe chest/back acne. I went to the doctor and was perscribed Doxycycline and Retin-A. Its been 7 weeks now and I’ve only noticed a minor improvement. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
This shit is so fustrating.

yeah start tanning

I have whats called cystic acne because of the hormonal change (using T)i also take doxycycline and use CONTINUOUS CONTROL Acne Cleanser ,it has 10 percent benz peroxcide that seems to help,its kinda expensive 6.0 a bottle and i could use it up in a week.Good luck and let us know if you find a better solution,by the way i also tanned and that did not help.

i also get retin-a by perscription. im not very acne prone but it helps when on cycle/pct. still noting works better than taning imo

Ro-accutane is the answer, very strong drug and can only be prescribed by a dermatologist here in the uk. Is pretty available on the black market so I believe. Also a benzyl peroxide cream for the smaller spots. Got to sort it out early before it leaves scars. Good luck

Tanning has never worked for me, except if it’s the Sun. Someone in the family was prescribed Ammonium Lotion, which is OTC stuff officially to treat dry skin. It seems to do the job. It doesn’t prevent flares up of course, but limits the damage fast. Only thing I’ve tried that somehow helps.

Avoid accutane at all costs. The original creator of accutane, Roche, no longer produces or distributes the drug due to having paid out millions of dollars as a result of lawsuits.

Side effects include IBS, erectile dysfunction, red blood cell sedimentation, and cardiac hypertrophy…all very bad side effects for someone who is already an AAS user, and anyone who enjoys working out. And those are just the common, less ugly side effects.

I took it in high school. While it did an amazing job at clearing up my acne it also made my skin very rubbery and very prone to stretch marks. tattoo artists hate working on my skin. Also I developed a sporadic hand tremor that I had never experienced before going on the drug. Bad news

How does tanning work? I have chest acne after sustanon only cycle

So I sit in front of the sun for like how many hours?

The sun and tanning beds should kill the bacteria found in/on the skin that feeds on the oils from the skin. It’s well known the sun and the UVs from the tanning beds penetrate the layers of skin and kill bacteria

Native Americans were known to worship the sun for many many reasons and uses. They would heal wounds from placing them in the sun.

I get a pimple here and there since starting cycle but I did start to get back acne, I could feel it growing it literally burned and it was a big patch thousands of hard dried heads of zits it was awful

I shower twice a day always scrubbed my back with a wash cloth, wash cloth didn’t seem to do the trick now with all those pimples forming

I got a very rough scotch bright pad that has a handle , I scrubbed the shit out of my back. I scrub my back daily and have had no issue since, I still get a pimple here and there but not like that mass of zits

I also use bar soap, no liquid or gel soaps because they cause me acne all in themselves. Dove exfoliating soap is my choice, ivory is good but dove is my go to brand

My best recommendation is to try to exfoliate your chest from scrubbing it several times a day and using good soap and getting sun or tanning bed.

I also wash my bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases once a week since bacteria loves to live in those places, I change the sponge on my scrubber once a week and I remove it from my shower so bacteria doesn’t grow in the sponge.

Also maybe change your laundry detergent maybe it’s causing a break out

I’m not doubting your hygiene I just believe you really need to go the extra mile when taking that shit

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I had issues with chest and back acne from testosterone and used this to exfoliate and it’s worked pretty darn good. That and a good soap bar.

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I figured out a great anti acne treatment, I use Resveratrol, it’s been shown to inhibit the growth of the bacteria that cause acne.
I take 1g in water every other day, and it clears up my back acne in a week or two, I also mix some into water and spray it onto my back and rub it in, clears it up very fast!

I use this product for something else and I noticed my acne disappeared so did some research and it does indeed stop the bacteria growth, plus it has many health and longevity benifits, only issue is it’s £70 for 50g

Also has aromase inhibiting properties too!

Check out the two Joe Rogan podcast episodes with Dr David Sinclair. Good info about resveratrol (if you haven’t seen both already)

Shower 2x a day with PanOxyl should knock it out in 2 weeks. You can buy it at any Walmart or CVS no script…generic is fine too imo

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I’ve seen this, very interesting podcast!
I also take NMN here and there which he mentions, it’s a little expensive to use all year round tho :frowning:

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