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Acne on TRT. Advice?

Hello all hope everyone is doing well.
Got some questions about TRT and acne.
Currently on TRT and have been for about 9 months now.

Im currently on 160mg a week on two seperate injections of 80mg 3.5- 4 days apart.
I take .5mg of AI on days of injection aswell. Recently lowered my dosage from 180mg a week, of 2 weekly injections of 90mg.
Also was taking .5m of AI on days of injection previously.
Right now im struggling with some forehead acne, aswell as some mild to mild severe back acne. (The cystic type).

Here is currently what I take in terms of supplements(some are for helping the acne Others are general health, I will indicate which I take for helping acne)

Vitamin A (ACNE)
Vitamin B5 (ACNE)
Vitamin B12
Minocycline (ANCE)
Cortisol Management pills
Thyroid (HYPO)
Nizoral Shampoo DHT blocker 3x a week, rub face and back (ACNE)

listen below are the labs from 180mg a week of trt

Hemoglobin A1C 5.1 4.5-6.0 %
Creatinine A 113 45-110 umol/L
Estimated GFR 80 >=60
Alkaline Phosphatase 114 40-145 U/L
Gamma GT 13 < 49 U/L
ALT 22 <50 U/L
TSH 1.51 0.47-3.41 mU/L
Prostate Specific Ag 0.25 <2.5 ug/L
Estradiol 120 <182 pmol/L
Testosterone 30.4 8.4-28.8 nmol/L
C Reactive Protein (High Sensitivity) 0.4 < 4.8 mg/L

This is test results for 180mg a week with .5mg days of injection.
I Don’t have a copy of full blood work but this is the most recent brief one.
If I were to guess 4 days after injection on my current regime of 160mg my T is around 25nmol/L. Im even fine with lowering dosage more as long as I don’t notice a serious differnce in the pros of trt.

I do have an Endocrinologist I go and see, but reaching out to find more perspective on TRT. Let me know what you guys think! Ide love to hear some remedies for this nasty acne.

The conversion of testosterone ->estrogen ->DHT can by controlled by splitting your dosage into more frequent smaller doses. I had the same problem injecting twice weekly, ache was bad, switched to an every 2 day protocol and acne disappeared.

It’s difficult to advise lowering your dosage without knowing where your SHBG and Free T currently sit, for all I know SHBG is high and Total T needs to remain high in order to have optimal Free T levels.

DHT is the driver behind acne.

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Ya don’t know what my SHBG is I live in Canada and msp keeps cancelling the request for the blood work. I do although have a urine panel done but I think that will be irrelevant because that was pre trt.

Isn’t injecting every two days a pain in the ass tho? But I guess worth a shot. Whats the protcol for 2 days. Right now I do tuesday mornings friday nights. Would days of injection be Monday morning, Wednesday Morning, Friday mornings or something?

It’s not really a pain using 29G insulin syringes, no pain, no problem. I set recurring alarms on my S10+ to repeat every 14 days creating a total of 7 different alarms.

Choose your poison, acne or inject every 2 days.

Interesting insulin syringe needles would be idle imo. Where do you inject? and what kind of test im usinggg… image this guy. Muscular only :confused:

Shoulders and quads, I use 24mg cypionate. I hit muscle every time. I wouldn’t pay much attention to these labels, the assume something won’t work without ever trying it first.

Some inject into belly fat and do well, Makena holds patents on SQ auto-injectors and has FDA approval.

alright thanks my man, im gonna talk to doc and try it out.

is your needle .5 inch?

Correct, I’m 33% body fat and hit muscle every time. It’s referred to as shallow IM.

Hey so could you help me figure out the slashing for my t?

I’m going 160mg a week which is 2/7 * 160 = 45

My bottle of test e is 200mg/ml or the same as pic above
And I got insulin needles at .5cc 1/2 inch.
How many cc or how for across on the needle would I go eod or per injection?

I have heard that E2 is a contributor to bacne. I also got BP 10% and used a rag on my back and it helped.

Is it normal acne or cystic?

Good luck.

Acne is cystic kind.

Weirdly enough I didn’t get any back acne when previously running 500mg a week.

Yeah, I only got it once in five years, but it was bad. I had to cut back my dose and use the BP 10% and it took about three months to go away. A guy told me it was E2 so I managed it by lowering the dose for a while.

I don’t use an AI. Not sure that helps, but it’s how it ran for me/