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Acne on Testosterone and Elevated Blood Pressure


Hi Guys!

I used to be absolutely zit free on my body until starting replacement. I will never come off since it has had such a positive impact on my life.

The second I started TRT my back and shoulders broke out... bad!! When I add HCG (250 iu 3x a week) it only gets worse. I am currently taking 180mg of cyp 1 time a week. I used to do split doses but that actually made my acne worse.

I am an over responder to arimidex and only take .25mg 1x a week and it keeps my e2 around 21-28 range.

Any suggestions to beat the acne. No topical creams have seemed to work!!!

Additionally, blood pressure went up since starting treatment. I am a VERY clean eater and exercise regularly. I am 100% sure it is related to TRT. Any natural remedies.

I take fish oil, COQ10, and multis every day.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to your answers!


BTW my total testosterone on 180mg hovers around 950 and dips to 750 by end of the week with free T around 22 on (9.8-26)


I had the same problem and more frequent injections and frequent skin cleanses are what have helped me immensely. I was on E3D injections but since changing to EOD have seen a big improvement. I also clean my shoulders and face more frequently and apply hydrogen peroxide directly to my shoulders after showers and before bedtime. I’m not sure much will help though because of the amount of testosterone you’re taking. It might just have to be something you need to live with.


I’ve had the same issue, 200mg a week Test Cyp and after about 5 months my back and shoulders have gotten terrible acne. I got one of those lufas on a stick to shower with since I couldn’t reach all of the areas of my back to see if that helps. Tried looking for a specialized body wash for it but didn’t see any. Would be curious to any remedies others have had success with.
Granted I am 24 years old so I’m sure my age with the recent increase in Testosterone could come in play, but I was always fortunate growing up and never broke out in pimples and have never really had any issues with that.


[quote]nmallory56 wrote:
Would be curious to any remedies others have had success with.

I put hydrogen peroxide on the affected areas after my shower and before bed. I moisten a cotton ball and wipe on and let dry before putting on a shirt. It’s going to sting in any open sites but it also bubbles out any crud stuck in the pore. It’s listed as one of the many treatment options for steroid induced acne from a dermatological specialty site.

The cause of acne is the bacteria that are feeding on dead skin cells and sebum. You have to kill them and peroxide does this quite well. It won’t cure bad acne but will help considerably to manage it. The alternative is drugs and topical medications with the side effects those come with.


The scope of this seems narrow. What other health issues or labs. Too many threads and no context.

ACNE can be a symptom of thyroid function problems and we know that TRT+hypothyroidism can create problems.

Suggest more frequent injections and less T!
Labs 1 week after injecting are quite useless and misleading.