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Acne Months after PCT

Ran a cycle of test e, did PCT and months later still have bad acne…acne didn’t show up until after PCT. I was using Clomid and Nolva and someone on here told me to ditch the Clomid and I did…as they said it was too much AKA overkill for just running the test e. Can I take Clomid NOW months after my PCT to help the Acne? Going to run another cycle of test e soon as well…

Have you got your post cycle blood work done yet? How does it compare to you pre cycle labs?

You might want to wait until your acne subsides before running another cycle…

No, I’ve never gotten blood work done…no insurance. I think I just have to hit my PCT harder next time with the clomid and Nolva. I ran the test cycle for 15 weeks too…I’m only going to run it for 8 weeks this time. I know it’s a hormonal thing…as I have NEVER had bad acne before…probably just need to run a shorter cycle and increase Clomid in PCT

God, how old are you?! This all screams terrible idea and long term complications. Do you understand the risks involved? You absolutely should not be running steroids without blood work. You don’t need insurance to get lab work done either.

Incredibly irresponsible. PCT and dropping cloned was NOT your problem. Acne after PCT is very normal.

I’m 37…it was my first cycle, I only ran the test e because I wanted to see how my body would respond…since I’ve never done it before. I got excellent results, I’ve kept most of my gains as well. I know I should have gotten blood work done but $$$$ was an issue at the time…everything is fine except for this fucking acne. Balls are back to normal, I’m fucking normal again, no sides other than the acne…it’s on my shoulders and jaw and like I said, I’ve NEVER had acne so it bothers me. It’s gotten better and is starting to subside…it was bad at 1 point though…cysteine acne…big lumps and shit. I was just wondering what I should do for round 2 to not have this issue again. I find it weird I got it AFTER my PCT too.

So why you think I got it so bad months after my PCT? N I know I should have gotten blood work done…I will this 2nd cycle

You ran 15 weeks of how much Test each week? Did you run anything else?

How long after pinning did you start PCT?

How long did your run PCT and what dosage?

What date did you finish PCT?

You don’t know that you’re back to normal without pre and post cycle labs man… you might feel okay but that doesn’t mean your hormones are back to normal.
Honestly acne after PCT is common. Your hormones are a mess and have just undergone a massive roller coaster. There’s tons of people posting on here with similar issues.

What I can tell you with almost certainty… you will get the acne again once you finish your next PCT. I’ve gotten it after every cycle I have run. Benzoyl peroxide wash has helped, but still get it.